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The Return of the Butterfly

by Moni Mohsin

Publisher: Penguin Books India

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About the book

The Return of The Butterfly can be considered to be a long monologue by a woman who likes to think of herself as a 'butterfly' because of her carefree nature. She is beautiful, vibrant and almost everyone would like to catch her but her spirit is always soaring higher. She traverses the boundaries of personal and social as she talks about everything unabashedly, including herself, her family and her country. Everything becomes one in a strange way and appears like it is part of her personal ramblings about life. In the line of many traditional European literary works, the writer has used the character of the 'butterfly' to comment, sometimes not so subtly, on the life of women within the barriers of what is called 'home' in her homeland. This much-loved book from the writer, Moni Mohsin, was released as a paperback version by Penguin Books Limited in 2014. Key Features: The Return of The Butterfly, as the title suggests, is a sequel to Mohsin's earlier novel The Diary of A Social Butterfly. This novel spans five years of the protagonist's life in Lahore with a political and social backdrop of her country. Mohsin has presented a sharp satire on society in this book. She has commented on important incidents such as Benazir Bhutto's return, Pervez Musharraf, Imran Khan's stint in the Pakistani politics, Malala Yousafzai being shot in the head by the Taliban and so on. Mohsin's work contains a distinct flavour of the region it is coming from: Lahore, Pakistan. Thousands of Urdu words have been inserted in the text and the spellings of many words have been altered to present a beautiful touch of the Pakistani accent.

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Book :
The Return of the Butterfly
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Author :
Moni Mohsin
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Penguin Books India
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13 x 20 cm
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1 kg

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