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When Mirrors Are Windows

by Guillermo Rodríguez

Publisher: Oxford University Press

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About the book

In an ocean where myriads of rivers converge, can one sole river lend the ocean its distinct flavour? For someone who is at home with several languages, literary traditions, and disciplines, is it possible for one form to criss-cross the landscape of another? In a poet’s world of mirrors, where stream and earth are sky, one may ‘sometimes count every orange on a tree’, but can one count ‘all the trees in a single orange’? In this volume, Guillermo Rodríguez explores these possibilities by analysing the works of one of India’s finest poets, translators, essayists, and scholars of the twentieth century, A.K. Ramanujan (1929–1993). A spectrum of published and unpublished sources—including some of Ramanujan’s hitherto unknown private diaries, notes, poetry drafts, and scholarly writings sourced from the A.K. Ramanujan Papers archived at the University of Chicago—are studied to illuminate the influence of classical Tamil, medieval bhakti, and oral folk aesthetics and literature on his work. This vastly informative and critical work makes us aware of his attention to the various aesthetic and poetic contexts in his life and work, and shows how these are reflected in his writings as a way of thinking and nurturing force behind his creative self. Contents: Foreword by Girish Karnad Acknowledgements Prologue List of Abbreviations Used for the Dating of Prose and Poetry by A.K. Ramanujan Plate Section (between pp. 264 and 265) 1. Writing on A.K. Ramanujan: The ‘Critical Scene’ 2. Watching the Birds and the Watcher 3. Living Among ‘Relations’: Biographical Contexts 4. Holding the Mirror: A.K. Ramanujan’s ‘Inner’ Aesthetics 5. Refl ecting on Art: A.K. Ramanujan’s ‘Outer’ Aesthetics 6. Composing an Image: A.K. Ramanujan’s ‘Inner’ Poetics 7. Relating Poetries: A.K. Ramanujan’s ‘Outer’ Poetics 8. Translating Tradition Appendix 1 Primary Sources for a Study of A.K. Ramanujan’s Poetics Appendix 2 The Making of a ‘Composition’: A.K. Ramanujan’s Second Sight Chart 1 Life, Career Details, and Writings: A Chronology Chart 2 Overview of A.K. Ramanujan’s Published Writings Glossary A.K. Ramanujan Bibliography Additional Readings Index

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When Mirrors Are Windows
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Guillermo Rodríguez
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Oxford University Press
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