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Programmable Logic Controllers: Principles and Applications (Fifth Edition)

by John W. Webb,Ronald A. Reis

Publisher: Pearson Education

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About the book

Table of Content I. PLC BASICS. 1. An Overall Look at Programmable Logic Controllers. 2. The PLC: A Look Inside. 3. General PLC Programming Procedures. 4. Devices to Which PLC Input and Output Modules Are Connected. II. BASIC PLC PROGRAMMING. 5. Programming On-Off Inputs to Produce On-Off Outputs. 6. Relation of Digital Gate Logic to Contact/Coil Logic. 7. Creating Ladder Diagrams from Process Control Descriptions. III. BASIC PLC FUNCTIONS. 8. Register Basics. 9. PLC Timer Functions. 10. PLC Counter Functions. IV. INTERMEDIATE FUNCTIONS. 11. PLC Arithmetic Functions. 12. PLC Number Comparison Functions. 13. Numbering Systems and PLC Number Conversion Functions. V. DATA HANDLING FUNCTIONS. 14. The PLC SKIP and MASTER CONTROL RELAY Functions. 15. Jump Functions. 16. PLC Data Move Systems. 17. Other PLC Data Handling Functions. VI. PLC FUNCTIONS WORKING WITH BITS. 18. PLC Digital Bit Functions and Applications. 19. PLC Sequencer Functions. 20. Controlling a Robot with a PLC. 21. PLC Matrix Functions. VII. ADVANCED PLC FUNCTIONS. 22. Analog PLC Operation. 23. PID Control of Continuous Processes. 24. Networking PLCs. VIII. RELATED TOPICS. 25. Alternative Programming Languages. 26. PLC Auxiliary Commands and Functions. 27. PLC Installation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance. 28. Selecting a PLC. Appendix A: PLC Manufacturers. Appendix B: Operational Simulation and Monitoring. Appendix C: Commonly Used Circuit Symbols. Appendix D: Major PLC Instruction, Function, and Word Codes by Typical Manufacturers. Glossary. Bibliography

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Programmable Logic Controllers: Principles and Applications (Fifth Edition)
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John W. Webb,Ronald A. Reis
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Pearson Education
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