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Macroeconomic Theory: A Short Course

by Thomas R. Michl

Publisher: PHI Learning

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This book presents all the key topics in intermediate-level macro-economic theory, using simplest mathematical models possible, and highlights the casual linkages of economic theory. The discussion opens the possibility that the standard models are incomplete, challenging students to form their own opinions about, for example, the existence of a unique natural rate of unemployment. The key chapter on inflation focuses on the relationship between inflation and unemploy-ment, which makes the treatment of monetary policy more realistic and modern. Other chapters explore the open economy under fixed and floating exchange rates, the classical growth model, and the Solow-Swan growth model. Classroom-tested problems and a mathematical appendix supple-ment the chapters. Graduate students as well as those teaching macroeconomics should find this book highly useful since the basic models developed here are indispensable. CONTENTS: Preface. 1. Macroeconomic Accounting. 2. Prices and Output. 3. Keynesian Theory. 4. The IS Curve. 5. The LM Curve. 6. The IS-LM Model. 7. The Aggregate Demand Curve. 8. The Aggregate Supply Curve. 9. The AS-AD Model. 10. Inflation and Unemployment. 11. A Model with Active Monetary Policy. 12. Open Economy Basics. 13. Fixed Exchange Rates. 14. Flexible Exchange Rates. 15. The Classical Growth Model. 16. The Neoclassical Growth Model. A. Mathematical Appendix. B. Answers to Selected Even Problems. Bibliography. Index.

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Macroeconomic Theory: A Short Course
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Thomas R. Michl
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PHI Learning
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