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The Theory of Industrial Organization

by Jean Tirole

Publisher: PHI Learning

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This book gives a straightforward account of developments in the theory of industrial economics and blends them into the tradition of industrial organization. The text primarily presents accomplishments of what the author calls, 'The Second Wave', which began in the 1970s and made a sizeable impact in the theoretical aspects of industrial organization, though the earlier contributions that laid the foundation are not forgotten.The book is divided into two parts. The first part features market behaviour and considers monopolist's choices of price and quality, the spectrums of goods advertising and the distribution of structure. Part two analyses the choice price, capacity, product positioning, research and development, and other strategic variables in a comparatively monopolistic market. CONTENTS: Preface. Introduction. The Theory of the Firm. PART I: THE EXERCISE OF MONOPOLY POWER_Monopoly. Product Selection, Quality, and Advertising. Price Discrimination. Vertical Control. PART II_STRATEGIC INTERACTION: Short-Run Price Competition. Dynamic Price Competition and Tacit Collusion. Product Differentiation: Price Competition and Non-Price Competition. Entry, Accommodation, and Exit. Information and Strategic Behavior. Reputation, Limit Pricing, and Predation. Research and Development and the Adoption of New Technologies. Noncooperative Game Theory: A User's Manual. Review Exercises. Index.

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The Theory of Industrial Organization
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Jean Tirole
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PHI Learning
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