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Engineering Physics

by A. Marikani

Publisher: PHI Learning

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About the book

This book is written to address the requirements of the course curriculum in Engineering Physics for the first-year students of all branches of engineering. The book exposes students to fundamental knowledge in Ultrasonics and their industrial and medical applications Properties of lasers and their industrial and medical applications Types of optical fibres, their geometries and use in communication systems Black body radiation, Compton effect, matter waves and Schrödinger wave equation Types of optical instruments and their usage Principles of crystallography, structure of solids and nature of crystal defects Properties of conducting, semiconducting, magnetic, dielectric and superconducting materials, and their applications Nanomaterials, carbon nanotubes, shape memory alloys and metallic glasses, and their applications Key Features : Includes numerous solved problems to enable students to acquire a sound understanding of the subject. Gives chapter-end short and descriptive type questions to test students’ comprehension of the major concepts in each chapter. Provides problems at the end of each chapter to help students assess their progress and familiarize the students with the types of questions set in the examinations. CONTENTS: Preface Acknowledgements 1. ULTRASONICS 2. LASER 3. FIBRE OPTICS 4. QUANTUM PHYSICS 5. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS 6. CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 7. CRYSTAL IMPERFECTIOUS 8. CONDUCTING MATERIALS 9. SEMICONDUCTING MATERIALS 10. MAGNETIC MATERIALS 11. DIELECTRIC MATERIALS 12. SUPERCONDUCTING MATERIALS 13. NANOMATERIALS 14. CARBON NANOTUBES 15. MODERN ENGINEERING MATERIALS Index

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Engineering Physics
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A. Marikani
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PHI Learning
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