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Cultural History of Early Medieval Orissa: Sulki Rule

by Saroj Kumar Patel

Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan

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The present treatise gives a broad survey of the feudatory states of medieval Orissa. The Sulkis of the Kodalaka mandala were the most important feudatory rulers under the Bhauma-Karas of Tosali. They had ruled independently for sometime. The role played by the Sulkis in the growth and development of Orissa was very significant. This treatise deals with the chronology and the political history of the Sulki dynasty, and depicts the socio- economic condition, religious developments of the art and architecture of the Kodalaka mandala. The author of this treatise has also taken into account the interstate relations in the early medieval Orissa. This volume has been divided into eight chapters besides glossary, bibliography, index, maps and illustrations. Chapter one deals with the sources of the history of the Sulkis of Kodalaka mandala. Chapter two gives the vivid depictions of the geographical extent of the Kodalaka mandala by identifying almost all the topographical sites recorded in the charters of the Sulkis. Chapters three and four have discussed the feudatory states under the Bhauma-Karas and the genealogy mentioned in different charters of the dynasty respectively. Lucid descriptions of the salient features of the administrative system of Suiki rule is found in chapter five. Chapter six has dealt with the social conditions of the Kodalaka mandala. Chapter seven gives a survey of the religious life of the Kodalaka mandala and the last chapter has dealt with the art and architecture of the Kodalaka mandala. This book will provide great help especially to the research students as well as the scholars. Contents Preface Transliteration Scheme List of Photographs 1. Sources 2. Historical Geography of Kodalaka mandala 3. Feudatories of the Bhauma-Karas and Rise of Mandala States 4. Genealogy of the Sulkis Political History and Interstate Relation 5. Administration 6. Social Condition 7. Religious Condition 8. Art and Architecture Maps and Plates

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Book :
Cultural History of Early Medieval Orissa: Sulki Rule
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Author :
Saroj Kumar Patel
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Publisher :
Sundeep Prakashan
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19 x 25 cm
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0.564 kg
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38 b/w illustrations.

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