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Amusing Anecdotes on Indian Red Tape

by Barun Kumar Sahu

Publisher: Pustak Mahal

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About the book

Do you know how babudom runs in this country? The book presents a humorous, yet realistic account, by one who has seen it all from inside. Funny, yet objective, account by a senior bureaucrat, the book contains 240 engrossing anecdotes on various aspects of India's infamous bureaucracy. Written in a lucid, captivating style with an eye on authenticity,this book will amuse, amaze and entertain you from cover to cover. Some glimpses of its typical working-style: *Under heaps of files...by sitting on them *Overworking… by running around in circles *Following the rules in letter–forgetting the spirit *In goody-goody officialese– to conceal barbs *In service of the nation… implying ‘Me First’ *By dancing... to the tune of politicians *With infallibility… by passing the buck *Without breaking rules… by bending them *With utmost impartiality… on the paper!

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Book :
Amusing Anecdotes on Indian Red Tape
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Author :
Barun Kumar Sahu
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Publisher :
Pustak Mahal
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1 kg

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