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Complete Digest of Supreme Court Cases, Vol. II (Since 1950 to date)

by Sudeep Malik,Surendra Malik

Publisher: Eastern Book Company

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About the book

Now after years of painstaking research, the second edition of this classic work is brought to you by the publishers of 'Supreme Court Cases' - the most widely cited and relied upon law report today. The second edition is planned to be published in about 36 large-sized volumes - each volume to be released in quick succession. Prepared under the stewardship of Mr. Surendra Malik, Chief Editor, Supreme Court Cases, you can be assured of unmatched quality and reliability. Special Features : * Thorough Analysis - Maximum law points have been extracted from each case. Most comprehensive coverage of case-law. * Topic and Statute-wise arrangement: Easy and quick access - The arrangement and plan enables the reader to reach the relevant rulings most conveniently, by whatever route he may begin his search for the relevant rulings, be it the Topic approach, Statute approach or the Case-method approach. * Grouping of statutes of different States on same subject - To reveal the underlying principles of that topic. Moreover, all the law on a topic at one place saves time, saves labour. Yet with Quick Guides you can get the citations then and there. * Elaborate cross references - Under the topic approach, supported by elaborate cross-references, one easily gets to the statute and easily to the cases on any point. * Bench strength and coram - Helps in determining preponderant view where rulings are conflicting. * Date of decision - To help decide which is the later view among different rulings. * Cross-Citations - Cross citations have been included of all important law reports, and also of provincial reports wherever relevant. Citations and cross-citations can also be looked up in the Table of Cases Digested and Noter-up. * Quick release of all the volumes - It is planned to release all the volumes of this Complete Digest in quick succession, and each volume will be up-to-date till its date of publication. Unique Features : * Complete source for the entire case-law : The only complete source for the entire case-law of the Supreme Court since 1950 to date. As you very well know that partially reported case-law can be misleading and important cases can be left out. The Complete Digest provides you the complete picture and hence is thoroughly and completely reliable - it is indeed the ultimate Digest ! * Bench Strength - indicating number of judges who decided that case - extremely useful for lawyers to compare when rulings are conflicting. * Name of Judges - with name of the judge who gave the ruling is indicated in bold. * Table of Cases given in each volume. * Date of Decision given * Detailed cross-references for connected topics/sub-topics * Quick guides - to rulings to be published in later volumes - a most useful and unique feature that enhances the value of each volume manifold. Additional Features : * Scientific Blend of statute approach and topic approach. * Non-Statutory subjects have been given independent standing of their own and not unrealistically placed under statutory provisions. * Both reported and unreported judgements of the Supreme Court, have been covered in this digest. The matter discovered is so extensive that it will cover 27 large volumes or may be more. * Most comprehensive coverage of case-law. Self-explanatory head notes supported by excerpts from the judgement itself for total reliability. * The all comprehensive topic 'Words and Phrases' takes care of minute aspects and is a convenient reference point. * Where the number of rulings under any article, section or sub-topic are several, they have been, for convenience of reference, further sub-divided under minor topic headings and a synopsis added for quick reference. * An excellent noter-up on overruled, distinguished, followed, etc. cases, to know true strength and latest position of any ruling. * Valuable editorial notes and comments given where felt necessary. * Annotations below digest notes also give clues to cases intimately connected. * The entire digest has been prepared with the help of most modern computers, which besides ensuring accuracy have enabled further comprehensiveness of the work. * Excellent paper, printing and binding makes this a prized collection for every law library - a useful and prudent investment at a very affordable and reasonable price. * Unique, time saving features give value for money. With its many unique and special features that are not available in any other digest, the Complete Digest of Supreme Court Cases is the most outstanding and reliable work available in the market today. * The only authoritative and accurate guide to Supreme Court case-law.

Details of the book

Book :
Complete Digest of Supreme Court Cases, Vol. II (Since 1950 to date)
Book ID :
Author :
Sudeep Malik,Surendra Malik
ISBN 13 :
Year of Publication :
Edition :
Second Edition
Publisher :
Eastern Book Company
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Pages :
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1 kg

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