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SQL: A Complete Reference (With Diskette)

by Alexis Leon,Mathews Leon

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education Pvt. Ltd.

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About the book

Today SQL is the standard computer database language. SQL and the relational database systems based on it are now one of the most important foundation technologies in the computer industry. SQL: A Complete Reference provides an in-depth discussion on SQL. It explains the fundamental concepts and principles of data, data management relational databases and other subjects which are the essentials for understanding SQL. The book gives a comprehensive description of the official version of SQL as adopted by ISO, ANSI and FIPS. It describes the newest version of SQL-popularly known as SQL 92 or SQL 2. The book and a companion floppy will help you: # Understand all necessary terms, concepts and terminology of SQL # Learn the usage and implementation of SQL. # Evaluate your understanding of SQL by tests and exercises # Prepare for interviews with FAQs # Get a quick check of the SQL commands, which are listed alphabetically. Surely an invaluable reference, the book would help you in gaining a sound knowledge of SQL in a very short time! The companion floppy contains objective type questions on SQL. You can take a quiz/text from the entire set of questions or practice each chapter separately. You can either take the tests under examination conditions (timed tests) or at your own pace. The software would do the scoring and help you check your score at the end of each session. Table of contents Chapter 1. Introduction to Database Management Systems Chapter 2. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) Chapter 3. Database Design Chapter 4. Data Normalization Chapter 5. A Practical Approach to Database Design Chapter 6. Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) Chapter 7. SQL Language Levels Chapter 8. SQL Data Types and Literals Chapter 9. SQL Operators Chapter 10. Types of SQL Commands Chapter 11. Tables Chapter 12. Indexes Chapter 13. Views Chapter 14. Nulls Chapter 15. Aggregate Functions Chapter 16. The SELECT Statement Chapter 17. Subqueries Chapter 18. INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE Operations Chapter 19. JOINs Chapter 20. UNIONs Chapter 21. Data Security Chapter 22. Data Integrity Chapter 23. Data Concurrency Chapter 24. Triggers Chapter 25. Backup & Recovery Chapter 26. Numeric and Text Data in SQL Chapter 27. Dealing with Dates Chapter 28. Synonyms Chapter 29. Snapshots Chapter 30. Programming with SQL Chapter 31. Embedded SQL Chapter 32. Dynamic SQL Chapter 33. Cursors Chapter 34. Exception Handling Chapter 35. SQL Tips & Tricks Chapter 36. The System Catalog Chapter 37. Binding Styles

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SQL: A Complete Reference (With Diskette)
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Author :
Alexis Leon,Mathews Leon
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Tata McGraw-Hill Education Pvt. Ltd.
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1 kg
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1 Diskette

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