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Effective Advertising Skills

by Clyde Bedell

Publisher: Shubhi Publications

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This Book is about copy that sells despite the fact that a class in Retail Copy led to its writing. The technique and the Selling Strategems that it proffers are so universal in their application that they must be recognized as first prescription wherever persuasion is required. The book presents, principally, the three most important things : 1. A Systematic Method of Approach 2. The Magic of Words 3. Unending Checkup Technique and Style should not be confused. Technique imparts order, architecture, substance, and completeness to copy. Style imparts flavor, color, light, and life. Technique is impersonal. Style is personal. An artist stands before a canvas. At his side are a palette and paints. He need not, however, be concerned with the technique of Painting until he purposes using those materials to attain some objective. As soon as he will paint, technique imposes itself upon him. That is unavoidable. Advertisers can produce copy diversely and to varying degrees of effectiveness, while adhering to the technique. The latitude it offers to Creative faculties is Sea deep and sky high. This book will find favor with anybody elated to advertising. Contents Preface Chap. I : The Magic of Words Chap. II : Copy's Point of View Chap. III : A Method of Approach to Copy-Part I : Order - Order Everywhere Chap. IV : A Method of Approach to Copy-Part II : Advertising Pre-evaluation Takes the Stage - Selling Stratagems - Get Attention Chap. V : A Method of Approach to Copy-Part III : Selling Stratagems - Arouse Interest and Create Desire Chap. VI : A Method of Approach to Copy-Part IV : Selling Stratagems - Create Conviction Chap. VII : A Method of Approach to Copy-Part V : Selling Stratagems - Try for Action Chap. VIII : A Method of Approach to Copy-Part VI : Touchstones of Ad Writing Chap. IX : Kinds of Copy and Kinds of People Chap. X : Making Mail-Order Copy Effective Chap. XI : How Firm a Foundation Chap. XII : Demonstration of Copy Writing Chap. XIII : The Precheck and Aftercheck of Copy Chap. XIV : The Ethics of Urging Chap. XV : Words-Just Willing Words

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Effective Advertising Skills
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Clyde Bedell
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Shubhi Publications
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