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Ancient Culture of India

by Thakur Harendra Dayal

Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan

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About the book

The book deals with the cultural life of India during the post-Mauryan period. It mainly dilates upon the socio-economic life, polity and the religion and philosophy of India. Literary and archaeological sources have been fully utilized in this book. Different aspects of social life such as the division of society into groups, asrama system, samskaras, family, food, dress, ornaments, sources of entertainment etc. have been discussed. The book also deals with several aspects of economic life such as land, economy, agriculture, cattle rearing, and various professions. Contents : Scheme of Transliteration Abbreviations Acknowledgement Preface Chapters ONE: SOURCES TWO: SOCIAL LIFE THREE: ECONOMIC LIFE FOUR: ADMINISTRATION FIVE: RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY Bibliography Appendix Index Key to Illustrations Plates

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Book :
Ancient Culture of India
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Author :
Thakur Harendra Dayal
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Sundeep Prakashan
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1 kg
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72 Plates

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