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Academic Encounters: Human Behaviour (Reading Study Skills, and Writing)

by Bernard Seal

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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About the book

Academic Encounters helps ESL/ EFL students develop the reading, writing and study skills they need to meet the demands of college courses. The raedings, atken from university-level textbooks, explore high-interest topics such as stress and physical health, nonverbal communication, and love, engaging students in teh subject matter while exposing them to academic discourse. The major emphasis in the book is on the development of effective raeding skills: previewing text, skimming, reading for the main idea, reading for speed, and understanding vocabulary in context. Additional exercises develop study skills including highlighting key points, preparing for tests, summarising as an aid to understanding, and note-taking. For those instructors who want to use the content as a jumping off point for longer writing assignments, numerous opportunities are provided. Prereading and postreading activities involve discussion, role-playing and problem-solving, in order to maximize student interaction. Contents Author's acknowledgements To the instructor To the student Unit One Mind, Body and Health Chapter 1: The Influence of Mind Over Body 1 What is Stress? 2 Stress and Illness 3 Coping with Stress 4 Psychology and Cancer Writing assignment Chapter 2 Preventing Illness 1 Heart Disease 2 Smoking 3 Exercise 4 Wellness Writing assignment Unit Two Development Through Life Chapter 3: Adolescence 1. Defining Adolescence 2 Physical Change in Adolescence 3 Cognitive and Social Development in Adoloscence 4 Teenage Suicide Writing assignment Chapter 4: Adulthood 1 Early Adulthood 2 Marriage and Family 3 Middle Adulthood 4 Late Adulthood Writing assignment Unit Three Intelligence Chapter 5: Assessing Intelligence 1 Intelligence Defined 2 The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test 3 The Weschler Intelligence Tests 4 Giftedness Writing assignment Chapter 6 Accounting for Variations in Intelligence 1 Gender and IQ 2 Age Differences and IQ 3 Nature versus Nurture 4 The Study of Twins Writing assignment Unit Four Nonverbal messages Chapter 7 Body Language 1 Universals of Nonverbal Communication 2 Gestural Communication 3 Facial Communication 4 Eye Communication Writing assignment Chapter 8 The Language of Touch, Space, and Artifacts 1 The Meanings of Touch 2 Gender and Cultural Differences in Touching 3 Space Communication 4 Artifactual Communication Writing assignment Unit Five Interpersonal Relationships Chapter 9 Friendship 1 Initiating Relationships 2 The Nonverbal and Verbal First Encounter 3 Friendship Functions 4 Friendship Rules Writing assignment Chapter 10 Love 1 Similarity 2 Complementarity 3 Types of Love 4 Gender Differences in Loving Writing assignment Credits Task Index

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Academic Encounters: Human Behaviour (Reading Study Skills, and Writing)
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Bernard Seal
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Cambridge University Press
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1 kg

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