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Encyclopaedia of Cities & Towns in India, 27 Vols

by N. Seshagiri

Publisher: Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.

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Brief History : Etymology of the town, Its Founder and Dynasty, Period of settlement. Ranking : With Respect to, Area : Population: Sex Ratio, Child Sex Ratio, Literacy Rate, Density, Work Participation of the town at State Level and the Na Level. Physical Features : Area, Class, Status, Altitude, Latitude, Longitude, Navigable River and Canal, Rainfall, Temperature (Minimum & Maximum), I Waterfall, Dam, Sunrise and Sunset: Dated- 1st March, 22nd June, 1st October and 25th December, respectively. Administration : Headquarters Distance (in kms.) of the following Heads : State, District, Sub-division, Tehsil, Police Station, Police Circle and the name of Parliamentary Constituency, Assembly Const, of the town. Civic and Other Amenities : Common Facilities available in the town are: Women Hostel : number & seats. Drinking Water Supply: Source : Tap W; Tank Water, Well Water, Tube well/Hand Pump. System of Storage: Over Head Tank, Bore Well Pump. Capacity (Kilo Liter). Road Length (kms.) : Pucca K Kachcha Road, Pin Code, STD Code. Electrification : No. of connections: Domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Road Lights. Thermal Power, Port, Waterway Fighting Service. Airport distance from the town. Demographic Profile : Population related data of the following heads in the town : No. of Household, Sex Ratio, Populations, Literacy Rate (%), Sched , Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Population (Census 1901-2001):Decadal Growth, Disabled Population: Blind, Deaf, Dumb, In Movement & Mentnf Religion. Breakup 2001. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Jain, Buddhist & Other Religions with their respective population and their percentage. Slum Population. Language and Dialect : Top five languages/dialects in terms of speaker in the town. Medical Facilities, Hospitals, Dispensary, Health Centre, Family Planning Centre, Nursing Home, Total Number of Beds. Educational Institutes : School : Primary, Middle, Secondary, Senior Secondary, Vocational Training Institute, Polytechnic, Adult Literacy Cen, Important Colleges : Arts, Engineering, Science, Medical, Commerce, Law. Colleges with their name and affiliation, University : History of the university, Jurisdiction, Faculties, Departments and Enrolment. Recreation : Stadium, Cinema, Public Library, Reading Room, Auditorium or Community Halls. Media : Important Newspaper : Dailies and Periodicals with the name and periodicity. Radio Station, TV Station : High, Medium and Low Capo Transmitters. Important Events (1919-2005) : Political, Struggle with British Government, Government Planning, Games, Research and Religious. Important Personalities : Literature, Political, Scientist, Artist, Freedom Fighter, Defence Professionals, Businessmen. Scheduled Castes : Top Five Scheduled Castes of town with their Cultural Identity, Birth, Marriage, Death, Food Habit, Dress. Scheduled Tribes : Top Five Scheduled Tribes of town with their Cultural Identity, Birth, Marriage, Death, Food Habit, Dress. Fairs and Festivals : Important Fairs and Festivals in and around the City or town, with month and duration of celebration. Natural Calamities : Loss of life and Property reported with date in the town due to the following heads: Snowfall, Cold Wave, Heat Wave, Drought, Squall, Gale, Dust storm, Lightning, Thunderstorm, Hailstorm, Floods and Heavy Rains, Cyclone. Solar Eclipse : Lunar Climatological Stations. Economy : Agriculture: Manufacturing of Agricultural Related items, Seed Farms, Feed Mills, Fertilizer Manufacturer. Animal Husbandry, Dairy I Fisheries, Poultry Farms with the Trade name, Natural Wealth (Mineral and Ores Occurrences), Handicrafts, Workers as per Census 2001. Revenue : Receipts : Through taxes, Municipal Properties, Government Grant, Loan, Advances and other sources. Expenditure : throne' "walk administration, Public Safety, Health, Public Convenience, Works, Institutions etc. Financial Institutions: Agricultural Credit Societies, Bank, Nona, Credit Societies. Trade and Commerce: Most Important Commodities, Exported, Imported, Manufactured. Industry : ISI Certified Industries with Registration number, Trade name and the products. Other Important Industries with Trade name and Products. Places Of Tourist Interest : Architectural, Cultural, Geographical, Natural and Religious Places in and around the town with the name and small description. Important Hotels & Archaeological Site. Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) : State, National and International Level NGO. Activity : Health and Nutrition, Income Generation, Livestock Management, Population Issues, Rural Development, Tribal Development, Wildlife, Women and Children.

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Encyclopaedia of Cities & Towns in India, 27 Vols
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Author :
N. Seshagiri
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Publisher :
Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.
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1 kg
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800 Coloured Photographs

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