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Indian Archaeology in Retrospect: Protohistory, Vol. II

by S. Settar, Ravi Korisettar (Eds)

Publisher: Manohar Publishers & Distributors

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About the book

Foreword Introduction 1. Fifty Years of Harappan Archaeology: The Study of the Indus Civilization Since Indian Independence/Gregory L. Possehl 2. Geoarchaeological Perspectives on the Harappan Sites of South Asia/Joseph Schuldenrein 3. Deciphering the Indus Script/R.A.E. Coningham 4. Settlement Networks of the Indus Civilization/Michael Jansen 5. The Pre-Harappan Cultures of Gujarat/P. Ajithprasad 6. Post-Urban Harappan Culture in Gujarat V.H. Sonawane 7. Harappan Social Organization/M.K. Dhavalikar 8. Harappan Religion : Myth and Polemics/Shubhangana Atre 9. The Terracotta Figurines from Mohenjo Daro : Considerations on Tradition, Craft and Ideology in the Harappan Civilization (c. 2400-1800 BC)/Alexandra Ardeleanu-Jansen 10. some Important Aspects of the Harappan Technological Tradition/ K.K. Bhan, M. Vidale and J.M. Kenoyer 11. Re-thinking Thinking' : Ceramic Studies in Gujarat/Archana Choksi 12. Biological Anthropology of Human Skeletons from Harappa/Kenneth A.R. Kennedy 13. Issues in Harappan Archaeobotany: Retrospect and Prospect/Dorian Q. Fuller and Marco Madella 14. From Mehrgarh to Harappa and Dholavira : Prehistoric Pastoralism in North-Western South Asia through the Harappan Period/Richard H. Meadow and Ajita K. Patel 15. Investigations into the Archaeofauna of Harappan Sites in Western India/P.K. Thomas

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Book :
Indian Archaeology in Retrospect: Protohistory, Vol. II
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Author :
S. Settar, Ravi Korisettar (Eds)
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Manohar Publishers & Distributors
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