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Archaeological Site Museums in North India: Management Perspective

by Sulekha Banerjee

Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation

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The contents of this book have been broadly presented in six sections. The first section is primarily devoted to the statement of research problem taken up for this book, along with all its essential elements. It describes the scope of research work and justification of carrying out the study. The second section deals with historical background of the museum development with special emphasis on archaeological site museums. The third section presents a glimpse of the sites and the museums associated with. In the description, the history, excavation report, collections along with exhibits of museums are provided. In the fourth section the present management system in archaeological site museums is the main focus of this book. The result of the research study from the analysis of the returns received from the museums of ASI, in response to the survey done at various museums are presented. Evaluation and analysis of various site museums in north India has been conducted with respect to its administration, collection management, methods of documentation, security management, display technique. The fifth section focuses on the basic management components of site museums. Based on the findings from evaluation, conclusion and recommendations are provided. Suggestions from the research findings for the improvement of current practices in site museums, in the light of results obtained from carrying out this research study are highlighted. Each section is divided into several sub sections. Appendices are furnished at the end followed by glossary and bibliographical references.

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Archaeological Site Museums in North India: Management Perspective
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Sulekha Banerjee
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B.R. Publishing Corporation
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1 kg

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