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History and Archaeology of Ancient Haryana

by Rajpal

Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation

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About the book

The book entitled History and Archaeology of Haryana (with special reference to District Jind) throws light on the History and Archeology of the people of district Jind on the basis of the material remains encountered during reconnaissance. Haryana has been the cradle land of civilization since time immemorial. It is the most fertile land watered by the mighty sacred river Saraswati and Dhrishdvati. Archaeologically the region of Jind district is extremely rich. The earliest farming community in this area has been identified as Ghaggar Hakra ware culture (Pre-Harappans). Second phase in the history of this region is represented by the people of early Harappans. Economy of these people were totally depend on the agriculture. However trade was also a part of their economic activities. Third phase in the history of this region is marked by the advent of mature Harappan civilization, 18 sites of this period encountered during explorations. This phase of the Proto-Historic period is marked by the urban characteristics. People of this phase used well fired pottery and their dietary habits includes wheat, barley, mustard, meat, fish, milk and its products. Their seals and sealing are an indication of expert craftsmanship and through trade they link themselves with the contemporary civilizations. People of the next phase in the history of this region associated with late Harappans. The last phase of Proto-Historic period is characterized by the advent of the people who used Painted Grey Ware. This area was the part of Kuru janapada in the later vedic period. NBPW and punch marked coins are also reported from this region. After the fall of the Mauryan empire, the study are become the part of Sunga and Kushan dynasty. After that Yaudheya s came in prominent position. Coins of Yadheya s reported from the region shows their existence. Material evidence shows the presence of Gupta empire, Pushyabhuti s, Gurjara-Paratihara s Chahamana s and later dynasties in this particular region.

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History and Archaeology of Ancient Haryana
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B.R. Publishing Corporation
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