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Barabudur: Archaeological Description (5 Vols)

by N.J. Krom

Publisher: Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.

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About the book

Barabudur, the most magnificent monuments in Java, Indonesia, is a colossal structure justly regarded as a vertable wonder by the wholw world. The combination of massive quantity and fine quality invests Barabudur with aunique character. It has hardly any parallel in the world, and it may be truly remarked of its artists that they conceived like giants and finished like jewellers. The life of Buddha and other Buddhist stories depicted on the sculpture of Barabudur are nor the imagination of the artists but based on the imagination of Sarvastivada and Vijrayana Schools of Buddhism and are directly related to the Ancient Texts like Avadanas, Jatakas, Jatakamala, Gandavyuhastura, etc. A complete explanation of all that is depicted in this most splendid Creation of Hindu-Javan culture was, therefore, not very easy, though efforts had been being made since the Beginning of the present century. It was possible thanks to the Interest and enthusiasm of the then Government of the Netherlands. A complete series of photographs of the monument were made between 1907 and 1911. Then Koninklijk Institut voor de Taat-, Land-len Vikenkunde van Nederlandsch-Indie was commissioned to publish the Archaeological and Architectural descriptions of Barabudur. The result of this project was the publication of a monograph in Dutch, in two volumes, the archaeological part by Nicholas Johannes Krom and the architectural part by T.Van Erp, with photographs in three big folios. The present publication is an photographic reproduction of the 1927 English Edition in its entirety of the text and the illustrations.

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Book :
Barabudur: Archaeological Description (5 Vols)
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Author :
N.J. Krom
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Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd.
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1 kg
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