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Faith and Philosophy of Sikhism

by Sardar Harjeet Singh

Publisher: Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt Ltd

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This volume deals with almost every aspect of Sikh philosophy. It covers the subject of Sikhism thoroughly in a manner which makes it interesting to read and easy to understand. A special care has been taken to put the principles of Sikhism Philosophy in proper order. A sincere effort has been made to give elaborate details having deep bearing on minute details relevant to the subject. This book focuses on the religion, social customs, and way of life. It covers these aspects with a focus on the ten Gurus, their lives and teachings, various orders, the philosophy, the way of life, the status of Women in the Sikh religion, Religious and Domestic ceremonies, the festivals, the emerging trends, and the future vision of Sikhism. Indeed the information given in this volume is fairly comprehensive in contents so that all the readers should feel benefited with this text of religion. Contents: 1. Sikhism : An Introduction 2. History 3. Philosophy 4. Concept of God 5. Main Figures 6. Scriptures 7. Teaching 8. Moral Value System 9. Movement 10. Reformers 11. Major Sects 12. Demographic Propagation 13. Socio-Political Influence 14. Religious Rituals and Tradition 15. Society 16. Festivals 17. Religious Places 18. Art and Iconography 19. Sikhism in Modern World

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Book :
Faith and Philosophy of Sikhism
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Sardar Harjeet Singh
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Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt Ltd
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1 kg

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