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The Archaeology and Monumental Remains of Delhi

by Carr Stephen

Publisher: Aryan Books International

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About the book

The present work contains a description and history of every object of archaeological or monumental interest in Delhi; beginning with the site of the semi-mythical Indra-prastha, the capital of Yudishthira, which dates back to the year 1450 B.C., and concluding with the tomb of the Emperor Akbar II, who died in the year A.D. 1837. Carr Stephen's description is marked by accurate details and history of the monuments alongwith English translation of inscriptions whenever these are available. The importance of The Archaeology and Monumental Remains of Delhi lies not only its being an earliest account synthesizing the available information but also as a benchmark for the changes in the buildings and their landscape. The work is therefore of outstanding value not withstanding the change in perception due to new material and research. The work which has long been out-of-print is being re-issued for the use of historians, conservators, tourists, archaeologists and also for the lay-readers. A fresh introduction and a number of rare maps, aquatints and photographs have been added which further enhances the value of the work. The unusual variety of the subject and the notable richness of illustrations combine to make this a work of endless fascination. CONTENTS: Preface; Introduction/B.M. Pande; 1. Indra Prastha or Indrapat 2. Nigambodh 3. Nilichatri 4. Dilli 5. The iron pillar or Loha-ki-Lat 6. Purana Qil'ah 7. Lal kot 8. Anang Tal 9. Anekpur 10. Suraj Kund 11. Kalkaji, or the temple of Kali Devi 12. The temple of Yoga Maya 13. Qil'ah Rai Pithora 14. Kasr Safed 15. Kushak Firozi 16. Kushak Sabz 17. Chabutra Nasira 18. Masjid Jama' or Masjid Kuvvat-ul-Islam 19. The extensions of Altamsh 20. The extensions of 'Ala-uddin Khilji 21. The 'Alai Darwaza, or the gate of 'Ala-uddin Khilji 22. Qutb Minar 23. The unfinished Minar 24. Hauz Shamsi, or the tank of Shams-uddin Altamsh 25. The tomb of Sultan Ghari 26. The tomb of Shams-uddin Altamsh 27. The tombs of Rukn-uddin Firoz Shah, and Mu'izuddin Bahram Shah 28. The grave of Raziyah Sultan Begam 29. The grave of Shah Turkman alias Shams-ul-'Aarafin 30. Kushak Lal or Qil'ah Marzgan, or Dar-ul-aman, and the tomb of Balban 31. The fort of Kilokheri, Kilugheri, Kasr Mu'izzi, or Naia Shahr 32. Kushak Lal of Jalal-uddin Khilji 33. Hauz 'Alai or Hauz Khas 34. Siri or Delhi 'Alai 35. Kasr Hazar Sathun or the palace with a thousand pillars 36. The tomb of 'Ala-uddin Khilji 37. The fort and city of Tughlaqabad 38. The tomb of Ghias-uddin Tughlaq Shah 39. 'Adilabad or Muhammadabad 40. Jahan Panah 41. Biji Mandal or Bedi Manzal 42. Sathpalah 43. The tomb of Nizam-uddin Aulia 44. The tomb of Jahanara Begam 45. The tomb of Muhammad Shah 46. The tomb of Mirza Jahangir 47. Jama'ath Khanah, or the Mosque of Nizam-uddin 48. The spring or Baoli of Nizam-uddin 49. The tomb of Amir Khusrau 50. The tomb of 'Azam Khan 51. The Chausat Khambah, or the tomb of Mirza Aziz Kukaltash 52. The tomb of Shaikh Sallah-uddin 53. Kushak Anwar or Mehndian 54. Buli Bhatiari ka Mahal 55. The city, fort, and palaces of Firozabad 56. Asoka's Lat 57. Kushak-i-Shikar or Jahan Numah and Asoka's second pillar 58. Asoka's pillar II 59. Char Burji or four towers 60. The tomb of Nasir-uddin Mahmud Chiragh Delhi 61. Qadam Sharif 62. The Mosques of Khan Jahan 63. The Kali or Kalan Masjid 64. Khirki Masjid 65. Bagampuri Masjid 66. The tomb of Firoz Shah Tughlaq 67. Khirzabad and Khizra-ki-Gumti 68. Mubarakabad and the tomb of Mubarak Shah 69. The tomb of Muhammad Shah 70. The tomb of Bahlol Lodi 71. Panj Burj or the five domes 72. Basti Baori, or the spring of Basti 73. Moth-ki-Masjid 74. The tomb of Langar Khan 75. Tin Burj or the three domes 76. Rajon-ki-Ba-in 77. The tomb of Sikandar Shah Lodi 78. The Mosque and tomb of Jamali 79. The tomb of Imam Zaman, alias Imam Muhammad 80. The grave and Mosque of Qutb Sahib 81. The Mosque of Qutb Sahib 82. Moti Masjid of Mahrauli 83. The grave of Akbar I 84. The grave of Shah Alam 85. The grave of Shah 'Alam Bahadur Shah 86. The Baoli or spring of Qutab Sahib 87. Purana Qil'ah or Din Panah 88. Shergarh and Delhi Sher-shah 89. Masjid Qil'ah Kohnah 90. Sher Mandal 91. Salimgarh or Nurgarh 92. The Masjid of Khairpuri 93. The Mosque and tomb of 'Isa Khan 94. Arab-Sarai 95. Khair-ul-Manazil 96. The tomb of Adham Khan 97. The tomb of Humayun 98. Barah Palah 99. The tomb of Naubath Khan or Nili Chhatri 100. The tomb of Khwajah Baqi Billah 101. The tomb of Shaikh Farid Bukhari 102. The tomb of Fahim or Nili Burj 103. The tomb of Khan Khanan 104. Lal Mahal 105. Lal Qil'ah or Qil'ah Mubarik or Qil'ah Shajahanabad 106. The Lahore gate 107. The Nakar Khanah 108. Diwan 'Am, or the hall of public audience 109. Diwan Khas, or the hall of special audience 110. Hammam, or the baths 111. Moti Masjid, or the Pearl Mosque of Lal Qil'ah 112. Tasbih Khanah, Khwabgah and Baitak 113. Musamman Burj 114. Rang Mahal 115. Asad Burj 116. Shah Burj 117. Lal Qil'ah in the reign of Aurangzeb 118. Modern Delhi, or Shahjahanabad 119. The Jam'a Masjid of modern Delhi 120. The Begam's Bagh, or the Queen's gardens 121. Fatehpuri Masjid 122. Masjid Sarhandi 123. Bagh Roshanara 124. Zinath-ul-Masajid 125. The mausoleum and Madrasah of Ghazi-uddin Khan 126. Sonehri Masjid, or the Golden Mosque of Roshan-uddoulah 127. Jantar Mantar 128. Fakhr-ul-Masajid, or the pride of Mosques 129. The garden, and the gates of Mahaldar Khan 130. The second Sonehri Masjid of Roshan-uddaulah 131. Qudsiah Bagh 132. Sonehri Masjid, near Lal Qil'ah 133. The tomb of Safdar Jang 134. Lal Banglah 135. The tomb of Mirza Najaf Khan

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The Archaeology and Monumental Remains of Delhi
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Carr Stephen
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Aryan Books International
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22 x 28 cm
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8 Colour & 16 B/w illustrations and 8 Maps

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