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Ambedkar: Politics and Scheduled Castes

by Prem Prakash

Publisher: APH Publishing Corporation

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Dr. Ambedkar was one of the main Architects of modern India. He laid the foundations on a broad basis-legal, political, economic and social. But his edifice remained incomplete because of the resistance given by dominant castes in society. Before the commencement of Ambedkar's Era, there were the untouchable, Hindus in India, who, due to Hindu social system, had, from time immemorial, remained socially degenerated, economically impoverished, politically suppressed, religiously ostracized and indefinitely excluded from educational and Cultural opportunities. They were condemned to the lot of the serfs and deprived of all human rights. It was Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar among Indian Leaders who took up the cause of untouchables wholeheartedly. He did so with a deep Sense of duty and devotion, unmindful of what one might think of him during or after the national Movement for independence was over in India. He played a very significant part at a crucial period in the History of this Country and offered Solutions to the several ticklish problems India was confronted with during the struggle for Political reforms. With a passionate zeal and relentless fight he hammered out Constitutional provisions for the upliftment of the Depressed Classes.

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Ambedkar: Politics and Scheduled Castes
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Prem Prakash
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APH Publishing Corporation
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