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Babur: The First Moghul in India

by Farzana Moon

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd

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About the book

This is the book where History meets the Bride of Fiction. In this loveless union, both striving for the kernels of Truth. Sixteenth century is the time period in which this saga unfolds. The scenario opens at Kabul in Afghanistan, down the slope of one small hill, called Gulkhaneh. This hill lies against the majestic range of the Himalayas, where the Biblical Cain is believed to be buried. Babur is a poet, a mystic, and a scholar. He is dauntless to a verge of recklessness, loving his moun¬tain-brides, and indulging in pleasures even amidst the extremities of wars. The plot and the characters follow the bride¬groom of History like the phantoms of the fate. Yet, the Bride of Fiction feeds the very lips of the words with exotic dialogues. The scenic splendors along the way shun the dull Bridegroom of History, and welcome the Bride of Fiction on a swift, pleasant journey toward the stairway to India. Babur is the true heir of Tamerlane — sixth in line from him as his paternal ancestor, and from Genghis Khan as his maternal ancestor. After thirty-six years of turbulent rule (only five years in India), when Babur died at Agra, at the age of forty-eight, his empire extended eastward from Badakhshan and Kabul through the Punjab to the borders of Bengal. He died as he lived ! like a true mystic, espousing gaiety and laughter. And living in the warmth and sunshine of his great, great loves. And welcoming death without fear ! Rather, immolating his life, to save the life of his beloved son, Humayun. Thus, dying in conformity with his belief to live joyfully and to die happily. Farzana Moon is a native of Pakistan. She is a teacher and a writer. Her poetry and prose have appeared in literary journals in the United States. She is a citizen of the United States, and is residing in Ohio with her husband and daughter. Her literary pursuits range from religion to philosophy, from politics to history. Her plays, includ¬ing the one based on the Mahabharata, are being considered by US and Canadian publishers. She plans to write six Moghul sagas, three of which are complete. Her third Moghul saga, Divine Akbar and Holy India, is being considered by US and foreign publishers.

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Babur: The First Moghul in India
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Farzana Moon
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Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd
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