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Agricultural Diversification and Smallholders in South Asia

by P. K. Joshi, Ashok Gulati & Ralph Cummings Jr. (Eds)

Publisher: Academic Foundation

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About the book

Pro-poor opportunities are rapidly unfolding in South Asia, spurred by new lifestyles and tastes, stimulated by increasing incomes, spreading urbanisation, and expanding globalisation. Dietary Patterns are changing of both the Poor and the rich, as well as Rural and Urban consumers, from staple foodgrains to high-value-commodities such as fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, eggs, and fish. The real challenge is how to grab these opportunities to alleviate Poverty and improve quality of life, particularly for smallholders. This book, comprising contributions by experts from various countries, provides a range of information, analysis, and the beginnings of pathways to accelerate Agricultural diversification and facilitate inclusiveness of smallholders through correcting incentives, evolving institutions, and developing infrastructure. Contents Foreword Preface Part I : INTRODUCTION : 1. Overview/P.K. Joshi, Ashok Gulati and Ralph Cummings JR. 2. Agricultural Diversification in South Asia : Beyond Food Security/P.K. Joshi, Ashok Gulati and Ralph Cummings JR. Part II : Nature OF AGRICULTURAL DIVERSIFICATION IN SOUTH ASIA : 3. Poverty and Agricultural Diversification in Developing Countries/Shawki Barghouti, Samuel Kane and Kristina Sorby 4. Diversification in South Asian Agriculture : Trends and Constraints/Klnlay Dorjee, Sumiter Broca and Prabhu Pingali 5. Changing Consumption Pattern in South Asia/Praduman Kumar, Mruthyunjaya and Pratap S. Birthal Part III : AGRICULTURAL DIVERSIFICATION : COUNTRY-SPECIFIC CASE STUDIES : 6. Agricultural Diversification in Bangladesh/MD. Ferdous Alam 7. Agricultural Diversification in India : Status, Nature and Pattern/P.K. Joshi, Ashok Gulati and Pratap S. Birthal 8. Agricultural Diversification towards High-Value Commodities and Role of Urbanisation in India/P. Parthasarathy Rao, Pratap S. Birthal, P.K. Joshi and D. Kar 9. Agricultural Diversification in Nepal : Status, Constraints and Opportunities/Champak Pokharel 10. Agricultural Diversification in Pakistan : Status and Opportunities/Sarfraz K. Qureshi, Madeeha G. Qureshi and Ejaz Ghani 11. Agricultural Diversification in Sri Lanka/Jeevika Weerahewa, Sarath S. Kodithuwakku and Darshana Udayanganie Part IV : AGRICULTURAL DIVERSIFICATION, VERTICAL COORDINATION AND SPS ISSUES 12. Performance of Agro-industry in India : Emerging Issues and Prospects/G.K. Chadha and Ashok Gulati 13. Evolution of Food Retail Chains in India/P.G. Chengappa, Lalith Achoth, Arpita Mukherjee, B.M.R. Reddy, P.C. Ravi and Vijayalakshmi Dega 14. Vertical Coordination in High-Value Food Commodities : Implications for Smallholders/Pratap S. Birthal, P.K. Joshi and Ashok Gulati 15. Challenging Avenues in Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary Agreement for India : A Case Study of Select Processed Food Products/Rajesh Mehta, M. Saqjb and J. George 16. Bangladesh Shrimp Industry with Emphasis on Safety and Quality of Exported Products : An Overview/James C. Cato and S. Subasinge Part V : EMPOWERING SMALLHOLDERS FOR PARTICIPATION IN HIGH-VALUE AGRICULTURE : 17. Agricultural Diversification and Self-Help Group Initiatives in Bangladesh : an Overview/Abdul Bayes and MD. Saleh Ahmed 18. E-Choupal : A Model for Vertical Integration of Farming?/Rohit Saran 19. End-to-End Integration in the Indian Agricultural Sector : A Banking Perspective/Brahmanand Hegde and R. Pradeep Part VI : Policy ISSUES : 20. The Way Forward : Towards Accelerated Agricultural Diversification and Greater Participation of Smallholders/Ashok Gulati, P.K. Joshi and Ralph Cummings JR. List of Tables 2.1. Changes in Per Capita Consumption of Different Food Items in South Asia 2.2. Projected Demand for High-Value Commodities in South Asia in 2025 ('000 Tonnes) 2.3. Annual Growth Rates of Per Caput Gross Domestic Product 2.4. Expenditure Elasticities for Selected Agricultural Commodities in South Asia 2.5. Annual Per Capita Food Consumption by Different Income Classes in India, 1983 and 2000 (Kg/Person/Annum) 2.6. Urban Population Growth Indicators 2.7. Export of High-Value Commodities from South Asian Countries (US$ Million/Year) 2.8. Annual Compound Growth Rates (Per Cent) of Area, Production and Yield of Major Commodities in South Asian Countries 2.9. Growth Performance of Livestock Activities and Fish in South Asia 2.10. Distribution of Landholdings in South Asian Countries (Per Cent) 3.1. Crop Production in Asia, 1977-1997 3.2. Average Labour-use in Vegetables and Cereal and Non-cereal Crops in India 3.3. Framework for Agronomic, Economic and Policy Elements for Diversification 3.4. Framework for the Design and Implementation of Diversification Programmes 4.1. Annual Growth Rates of Per-Caput Gross Domestic Product 4.2. Urban Population Growth Indicators 4.3. Changes in Consumption Expenditure Patterns in South Asia 4.4. Changes in Commodity Composition of Food in South Asia 4.5. Average Annual Growth Rates in Irrigated Area, Fertiliser Consumption and Number of Agricultural Tractors in Use, 1989 to 1999 4.6. Average Annual Growth Rates in Area Harvested for Some Important Crops 4.7. Average Annual Growth Rates in Production of Fruits and Vegetables 4.8. Average Annual Growth Rates in Production of Major Livestock Products 4.9. Main Farming Systems and Principal Livelihoods in South Asia 4.10. Market Infrastructure versus Physical Constraints as Determinants of the Profitability of Diversification 5.1. Changes in Annual Per Capita Consumption of Different Food Items in South Asia, 1980-2000 5.2. Annual Per Capita Consumption of Selected High-value Food Commodities in South Asia 5.3. Contribution of Plant and Animal Products to Calorie and Protein Consumption in South Asia, 1980-2000 5.4. Growth in Total Population, Urban Population and Per Capita Income in South Asian Countries, 1980-2000 5.5. Expenditure Elasticities of Staples and High-value Food Commodities (based on FCDS) 5.6. Annual Per Capita Consumption (Kg) in South Asia under Different Growth Rates in 2000 and 2025 5.7. Projected Food Demand for Human Consumption in South Asia 5.8. Projected Demand for Food in South Asia by 2005, 2015 and 2025 5.9. Annual Growth in Domestic Demand for Food in South Asia 5.10. Target Productivity Levels to Meet the Domestic Demand for Food 6.1. Percentage Share of Agriculture to GDP and Agricultural Growth Rates, 1995-96 to 2001-02 6.2. Rice Production, Yield and Imports in Bangladesh, 1973-74 to 2000-01 6.3. Estimates of Growth Rates of Production and Areas of Different Crops, 1973-74 to 2000-01 6.4. Temporal Changes in Fish Production (in Tonnes) in Bangladesh, 1985-86 to 2000-01 6.5. Livestock and Poultry Population in Bangladesh and their Indices, 1977 to 1994-95 6.6. Changes in Production of Milk, Meat and Egg, 1984-85 to 1997-98 6.7. Total Number of Dairy and Poultry Farms in Bangladesh, 1979-80 to 1997-98 7.1. Change in Per Capita Consumption of Various Commodities in Different Income Groups, 1983 to 1999-2000 7.2. Share of Foodgrain and Non-foodgrain Commodities in Area and Value of Crop Sub-sector 7.3. Share of Different Sub-sectors (Per Cent) in the Agricultural Gross Domestic Product 7.4. Temporal Changes in Area and Annual Compound Growth Rates of Area, Production and Yield of Major Commodity Groups 7.5. Share of Different Commodities (Per Cent) in the Value of Livestock Sub-sector 7.6. Determinants of Diversification in Favour of Horticultural Commodities : Double-log Estimates of Generalised Least Square (GLS) 8.1. Relative Importance of District Groups by Diversification Level, 1998 8.2. Selected Indicators for Different District Groups, 1998 8.3. Nature of Diversification in Value of Production in Urban and Other District Groups : Value Shares at Constant Prices (Per Cent), 1998 8.4. Sources of Diversification in Value of Production (Per Cent) in Urban and Other District Groups, 1982-1998 (1982 Constant Prices) 8.5. Annual Compound Growth Rates in Value of Production in Different District Groups, 1982-1998 (at 1982 Constant Prices) 8.6. Impact of National Highway Passes on Agricultural Diversification within Urban-surrounded District Groups Based on the Share of High-value Commodities in Total Agricultural Value (Per Cent) 8.7. Factors Determining Diversification : Results of Modeling Studies on all HVCs, 1997-98 8.8. Factors Determining Diversification : Results of Modeling Studies on Fruits and Vegetables, 1997-98 8.9. Factors Determining Diversification : Results of Modeling Studies on Monogastrics Meat and Eggs, 1998 9.1. Composition of Agricultural GDP by Region and Product Groups in 1995 9.2. Landholding Structure in Nepal 9.3. Key Indicators of Agricultural Sector in Nepal, 2001 9.4. Annual Growth Rates of Different Commodity Groups by Ecological Regions, 1991-92 to 1996-97 9.5. Share of Different Commodities in Total Value of Agricultural Output 9.6. Performance of Area ('000 Ha) and Production ('000 Tonnes) of Different Crops in Nepal, 1985-2001 9.7. Production Performance of Livestock Products in Nepal, 1995-2001 9.8. Per Capita Urban Consumption Expenditure Pattern and Annual Growth (in Nepalese Rs.) 9.9. Per Capita Rural Consumption Expenditure Pattern and Annual Growth (in Nepalese Rs.) 9.10. Production of Some Important Agro-industrial Products and their Growth Rates during 1991-2001 10.1. Sectoral Shares in Gross Domestic Product in Pakistan 10.2. Share of Different Sectors in Gross Value of Agricultural Output 10.3. Temporal Changes in Area and Annual Compound Growth Rates of Area, Production and Yield of Major Commodity Groups in Pakistan 10.4. Production and Annual Compound Growth Rates of Livestock Products in Pakistan, 1980-2000 10.5. Fish Production in Pakistan, 1986-2002 ('000 Tonnes) 10.6. Changes in Value of Major Forest Products in Pakistan (in Million Pakistani Rs.) 10.7. Per Capita Monthly Consumption of Major Food Commodities in Pakistan 10.8. Average Labour-use by Major Categories of Crops in Pakistan (Hours/Acre) 10.9. Value of Exports of Major Agricultural Commodities, 1982-83 to 2002-03 (Million Pakistani Rs.) 11.2. Average Annual Growth Rates of Fruits, Vegetables and Major Livestock Production (Percentage) 11.3. Share of Gross Cultivated Area Devoted to Different Categories of Crops 11.4. Rural Household Ownership of Livestock by Province 11.5. Gross Cultivated Area by Expenditure Quintile 11.6. Ownership of Livestock by Rural Expenditure Quintile 11.7. Factors Constraining Crop Diversification by Province 11.8. Factors Constraining Crop Diversification by Expenditure Quintile 11.9. Main Agro-Industry Incentive Scheme 12.1. Size and Structure of Agro-Industry in India : 2000-01 12.2. Share of the Organised Segment in Food Processing Industry by Broad Commodity Groups, 2000-01 12.3. Composition and Growth of Unorganised Manufacturing Enterprises by Type/Size of Enterprise, 1984-85/2000-01 12.4. Growth Rates of Unorganised Agro-Manufacturing Enterprises, Employment and Productivity/Worker, 1984-85/2000-01 12.5. Composition and Growth of Employment in Unorganised Manufacturing by Type/Size of Enterprise, 1984-85/2000-01 12.6. Level and Growth of per Worker Productivity (Rs. at Constant 1981-82 Prices) in Unorganised Manufacturing by Type/Size of Enterprise, 1984-85/2000-01 12.7. Changing Magnitude/Direction of Growth Rates of Number of Enterprises, Persons Employed and Labour Productivity, during 1994-95/2000-01, Compared with 1984-85/1994-95, in India's Unorganised Food Processing Industry (No. of Commodity Groups) 12.8. Percentage Distribution of (Unorganised) Agro-Industrial Enterprises Reporting Specific Production and Marketing Problems, 2000-2001 12.9. Percentage Distribution of (Unorganised) Agro-Manufacturing Enterprises Operating for Three or More Years by Growth Status, 2000-01 12.10. Distribution and Growth of Enterprises in Organised Agro-Manufacturing, 1984-85/2000-01 12.11. Distribution and Growth of Employment in Organised Agro-Manufacturing, 1984-85/2000-01 12.12. Level and Growth of Productivity in Organised Agro-Manufacturing (Rs. at Constant 1981-82 Prices), 1984-85/2000-01 12.13. Ratio of Labour Productivity in the Organised Segment to that in the Unorganised Segment of Food Processing Industry, 2000-01 13.1. Growth of Retail Outlets (in Thousand) in India during 1996-2001 13.2. Performance of India's Top Food Retailers, 2000-01 14.1. Production and Transaction Costs of Milk, Broiler and Vegetable Production in Contract and Non-contract Farming (Rs/Tonne) 14.2. Distribution of Sample Farmers Associated with Contract Farming 14.3. Farm Size-wise Unit Cost of Production and Profit in Milk, Broiler and Vegetable of Contract and Non-contract Producers 14.4. Share of Transaction Cost in Total Cost of Milk and Vegetable Production and Marketing under Different Farm-sizes 14.5. Transaction Cost of Different Farm Sizes for Broilers' Production and Marketing 14.6. Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Costs of Production and Marketing of Milk, Broilers and Vegetables in Different Farm-size of Contract Producers 14.7. Cycle-wise Coefficient of Variation (CV) in Yield and Profit of Broiler in Contract and Non-contract Farmings 14.8. Factors Influencing Participation in Contract Farming in Milk, Broilers and Vegetable Production : Results of Logit Function 15.1. Share of Agricultural Export (including Allied Products) to Total Export from India, 1990-91 to 2001-02 15.2. Export of Principal Agricultural Products from India, 1998-99 to 2001-02 15.3. Output and Exports of Processed Food Products of India, 1981-99 15.4. Processed Food Export from India by Principal Commodity Groups (ISIC Classification), 1981-99 15.5. Number of Consignments Inspected under CWI System, 2000-01 15.6. Consignment-wise Inspection by EIC and Related Agencies, 2000-01 15.7. Number of Consignments and their Values Certified under IPQC System, 2000 15.8. Value of Consignments Certified under FSMSC, 2000-01 15.9. Commodity-wise Number of Detentions of Indian Export to US, December 2001-November 2002 15.10. Causes of Detention of Indian Shipments by USFDA 16.1. Strengths and Weaknesses of Hygiene and Other Food Safety Controls in the Bangladesh Shrimp Industry 16.2. Management Capacity Constraints Relating to Hygiene and Other Safety Controls in the Bangladesh Shrimp Industry 17.1. Comparison of Contributions of Agriculture and Other Sectors to GDP (at Current Prices) in Some Countries, 1980-2001 17.2. Average Per Capita Daily Intake of Major Food Items in Bangladesh 17.3. Average Per Capita Consumption of Food Items at Seven Per Cent Growth Rate of National Income in Bangladesh 17.4. Projected Growth Rates in Supply to Meet Demand in Bangladesh 17.5. Expenditure Pattern of Households in Bangladesh, 2000 17.6. Growers' Price in Traditional and Modern Marketing Chain in Bangladesh, 2003

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Agricultural Diversification and Smallholders in South Asia
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P. K. Joshi, Ashok Gulati & Ralph Cummings Jr. (Eds)
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Academic Foundation
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