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Biotechnology and Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia

by S.R. Rao & Sachin Chaturvedi (Eds)

Publisher: Academic Foundation

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Biotechnology along with the other core Technology viz. information technology, is at the heart of technology Revolution in Asia. Asian Countries have adopted strategies for harnessing the potential of Biotechnology for their Industrial development. The areas of applications both in pharmaceutical and Agriculture sector have widened, finding new vistas of economic growth. Policy challenges, however, are arising among others, concerning trade in GMOs, impact of Genetic Engineering on Environment and human health, biosafety management, and Ethical aspects that are yet to be addressed at any collective forum in Asia. One of the missing links is a dialogue between Natural and social scientists so as to identify socio-economic requirements and Policy priorities in the realm of biotechnology and development in the region. This book brings together perceptions on some of these issues by eminent experts from the Asian region. As a sequel to the pioneering Biotechnology Revolution and the Third World: Challenges and Policy Options (RIS 1988), this volume draws lessons from the Experiences of Asian developing countries and revisits some of the concerns raised earlier. The contributors to the volume draw policy lessons from Country experiences in capability building in Asia, in particular on the role of regional cooperation. It is clear that the Asian countries need not only Technical assistance for capacity building, but also Financial support to upgrade their facilities to meet challenges emerging from the introduction of new organisms. As most of the Asian Economies Face common challenges including the management of Biodiversity resources, cooperative efforts may prove fruitful. An examination of regional cooperation in Europe and ASEAN may help in identifying a roadmap. Volume editors present a Synthesis of key lessons emanating from different contributions. Biotechnology and Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia is a valuable resource for governments, multilateral institutions, academics and practitioners in the field of economic development and technology policy management. Contents Foreword/K.C. Pant Preface/Nagesh Kumar I. Biotechnology INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT : 1. Biotechnology and Development : An Overview/Sachin Chaturvedi and S.R. Rao 2. Biotechnology Innovation and Development/William G. Padolina II. REGIONAL COOPERATION AND BIOTECHNOLOGY : 3. Bioindustrial Revolution and Economic Development : Evolving Indian Strategy/Manju Sharma 4. Biotechnology. GMOs and Development : Economic Implications/Edgar J. Dasilva and Sachin Chaturvedi 5. ASEAN Cooperation Biotechnology/S.R. Rao 6. Biotechnology in Europe : 20 years' Experience and Current Strategy/Mark Cantley III. Country Experiences : 7. How well does Japan Meet its Challenges and Responsibilities in Biotechnology and Development for Asia?/Darryl R.J. Macer and Minakshi Bhardwaj 8. Investment, Capacity and Incentives in Biotechnology : Indian Experience/S.R. Rao 9. The Current and Future Outlook of Agricultural Biotechnology in Malaysia/Hassan Mat Daud 10. Status of Agribiotechnology in the Philippines/Reynaldo E. De La Cruz 11. Challenges and Opportunities for Biotechnology Development : The Korean Experiences/Sang-Ki Rhee 12. Biotechnology in Bangladesh/Naiyyum Choudhury and M. Serajul Islam 13. Agricultural Biotechnology in Thailand/Nares Damrongchai 14. Genomics Rejuvenate Biotechnology, Equal Opportunities and Uneven Challenges : A View from China/Bin Liu IV. Policy LESSONS FOR Asia : 15. Singapore Strategises Biotechnology for Development/Sachin Chaturvedi 16. Crop Biotechnology Initiatives in Asia : Progress, Opportunities, and Challenges/Randy A. Hautea 17. Biotechnology and International Trade Regime : Options Before Developing Countries/Sachin Chaturvedi and S. Rao

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Biotechnology and Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Asia
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S.R. Rao & Sachin Chaturvedi (Eds)
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Academic Foundation
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