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Design: Comprehension and Visualisations

by Reeta Betala

Publisher: Ane Books Pvt. Ltd

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About the book

Design is an effort to Help all the Student community (and others who wish to take up “Design” as a profession) to develop the correct understanding of what ‘Design’ is all about. “Design” is not only skill oriented but based on concept development and the correct thought process. This book explains the true perspective of Design, its Meaning and what it demands, and how Design is placed in our Everyday Life, Society and Industry. For all those who wish to pursue ‘Design’ as a career, the book details the basic attributes & aptitudes one should possess. It also spells out a brief Picture of the main areas of Design like Fashion, Interior, Graphic and Textile. This book not only explains the simple methods of Exploring creativity to achieve Designs, but also helps to identify the different types and categories with an array of beautifully compiled visuals. Explore the possibilities of Creating “Design” sitting on a Fountainhead of ideas never experienced before. Contents Introduction 1. Understanding Design 2. Aspects of Design 3. Design Aptitude and Attitudes 4. Choosing a Specialization 5. Communication Tools 6. Types of Design 7. Exploring Design 8. Teaching Design

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Book :
Design: Comprehension and Visualisations
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Author :
Reeta Betala
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Ane Books Pvt. Ltd
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1 kg
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