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Baba Bugi

by B.K. Tripathy

Publisher: Academic Foundation

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About the book

Baba Bugi is a metafictional Novel about the Indian Society today. The viscious, corrupt and Criminal polities of today holds the individual helpless in its tightening coils as Magi, a lone fisherwoman of a little village in Konarka, stands up to give battle. Pitted against politicians, criminals and a collous people and with an uncomprehending Zyborg of a new generation son-of-God, Baba Bugi, hurtling through space to save mankind, she finds that if anything is around her. In a finale where the ordinary individual is attempted to be cannibalized by the politicians, the criminals the establishment and even by the author, with the new son-of-God, Baba Bugi, standing confused, Magi rejects all available forms and strikes out a path by herself with her friends. " Tomorrow has already begun, " she says. The novel creates a new sub-genre, the cosmic novel, functioning at once within a Cultural milieu and going beyond it into international and cosmic expanses, contexting human being and situations differently. the result is surrealistic. Baba Bugi is a comic and satirical novel with a freshness in its comic vision that will make you rethink about the world in a different way.

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Book :
Baba Bugi
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B.K. Tripathy
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Academic Foundation
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1 kg

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