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The Sikhs

by Khushwant Singh (Author) & Raghu Rai (Photo.)

Publisher: Lustre/Roli Books

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About the book

The Sikhs are culturally one of the richest communities of India. The Sikh faith emerged and spread in north India to combat the stifling practices of the Hindu caste system and went on to become an all-encompassing way of life. Tracing the history of this race from the inception of its religion by Guru Nanak, this book explains the turbulent history of the Sikhs, their faith in one God, their ten Gurus and the casteless fraternity of the Khalsa Panth. It chronicles their customs, beliefs, rituals, modes of worship, weddings baptisms, dances and martial traditions - the factors that make them an assertive and extrovert people with a zest for living. The Sikhs are now prominent in all spheres of modern life. It is said that every Sikh looks upon himself as sava lakh (equal to 125,000 people). The succinct, yet comprehensive and objective, text by one of India's most celebrated authors is enhanced by rare, brilliant and varied photographs taken by one of the country's best photographers who has explored the private and public lives of Sikhs carefully and lovingly.

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The Sikhs
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Khushwant Singh (Author) & Raghu Rai (Photo.)
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Lustre/Roli Books
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