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The Sikhs: Faith, Philosophy and Folk

by Gurbachan Singh,Sondeep Shankar

Publisher: Lustre/Roli Books

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About the book

In this lucidly written account of one of the world's youngest faiths, the author gives an introduction to the history, customs and practices of Sikh people. It narrates the origin of this unique faith at the hands of a man with a vision and extraordinary intelligence, and traces its evolution over a span of more than two centuries under the guidance of the Ten Gurus, religious heads who showed the way to Sikh people. The book briefly leads its readers on a journey through the experiences and teaching of the gurus, the philosophy and festivals of the Sikhs, who like other faiths, delicately nurture their very own beliefs and mores. It is punctuated by passages from Sikh scriptures and describes some important ceremonies and rituals. The book is vividly illustrated by pictures that help to understand the cultural ethos, philosophy and way of life of a people whose highest spiritual authority rests in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

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Book :
The Sikhs: Faith, Philosophy and Folk
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Author :
Gurbachan Singh,Sondeep Shankar
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Publisher :
Lustre/Roli Books
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1 kg

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