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Yoga and Meditational Psychotherapy

by N.K. Singh

Publisher: Global Vision Publishing House

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About the book

The combination of yoga and meditation is a wonderful way to connect with the divine on all levels of human existence. The present book Yoga and Meditational Psychotherapy is a compilation of twenty one important research papers contributed by eminent scholars. This book is divided into three parts. First part deals with psycho-physiological parameters of yoga therapy. Second part emphasises promotion, practice and research of yoga and health and third part explains meditation psychotherapy and psychological wellbeing. I hope, this book will be one of the monumental works in theory, research and practices in yoga and meditation psychotherapy. Contents Preface (v) About the Contributors (vii) 1. Introduction 1 Part—I Yoga Psychotherapy: Psychophysiological Parameters 2. Yoga Psychotherapy Around the World 13 Ganesh Shankar 3. Effect of Yoga Practice on Personality, Emotional and Behavioural Problems 25 D.V. Venu Gopal, B.S.S. Mandal and K. Parimala 4. Effect of Yogic Practices on Psychological and Physiological Parameters 35 Awadhesh Upadhyay and M.G. Sharma 5. Effect of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence on Psychological Well-being in Long Term Yoga Practitioners 43 Uma Mittal and Safia Akhtar 6. Efficacy of Yoga Therapy for the Management of Anxiety, Stress, Negative Mood Regulation and Self-Esteem of Female Adolescents 63 Anup Sud, Rita Bhalla and Zinnia Sethi 7. Impact of Yogasana on the Mentally Challenged 81 Sunita Malhotra, D.K. Diwan and Mukesh Kumar 8. Psycho-physiological Responsiveness to Meditation in HIV Positive Patients 93 Sunita Gupta and Meenakshi Sharma 9. Effect of Yogic Package on the Patients of Diabetes Mellitus 103 Charu Sharma 10. Yoga and Psychophysiological Disorders 113 S.K. Srivastava and Sweta Maheshwari 11. Reducing Anxiety through Yogic Practices 125 Bishamber Singh and Surendra Kumar Sia 12. The Samkhya, Yogic and Gita Models of Stress and Coping 135 C.B. Dwivedi Part—II Yoga and Health: Promotion, Practice and Research 13. Yoga and Health 147 Prem Verma 14. Yoga and Health Promotion 155 Chandra Shekhar and Sunil Sharma 15. Mental Health Management in Yoga-Sutra 167 K.M. Tripathi 16 Yogic Practice as a Moderator of Mental Health 185 R.K. Mishra, O.P. Sharma and P. Sharma 17. Research in Yoga as a Holistic Model of Health 189 Latha Part—III Meditation Psychotherapy and Psychological Wellbeing 18. Meditation: Concepts, Effects and Uses in Therapy 201 Alberto Perez-De-Albeniz and Jeremy Holmes 19. Vipassana Meditation - A Positive Approach to Psychological Well-being 219 Ritu Modi and Abha Singh 20. Effect of Vipassana Meditation on Quality of Life, Subjective Well-being, and Criminal Propensity 225 Amulya Khurana 21. Occupational Stress Management – Through Meditation 257 M.A. Bhardwaj Index 263

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Yoga and Meditational Psychotherapy
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N.K. Singh
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Global Vision Publishing House
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