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Programming Embedded Systems with C and GNU Development Tools: Thinking Inside the Box (Second Edition)

by Anthony Massa,Michael Barr

Publisher: Shroff Publishers/O'Reilly

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About the book

If you have programming experience and a familiarity with C, Programming Embedded Systems, Second Edition, is exactly what you need to get started writing embedded soft¬ware. The first edition of Programming Embedded Systems taught the subject to tens of thousands of people and is now considered the bible of embedded programming. This second edition has been updated to cover the latest hardware designs and development methodologies. The techniques and code examples presented here are directly applicable to real-world embedded soft¬ware projects of all kinds. Examples use the free GNU software programming tools, the eCos and Linux operating systems, and a low-cost hardware platform specially developed for this book. If you obtain these tools along with Programming Embedded Systems, Second Edition, you’ll have a full environment for exploring embedded systems in depth. But even if you work with different hardware and software, the principles covered in this book apply. Whether you are new to embedded systems or have done embedded work before, you’ll benefit from the topics in this book, which include: Basic debugging techniques—a critical skill when working with minimally endowed embedded systems Interrupts, and the monitoring and control of on-chip and external peripherals Determining whether you have real-time requirements, and whether your operating system and application can meet those requirements Task synchronization with real-time operating systems and embedded Linux Optimizing embedded software for size, speed, and power consumption So, whether you’re writing your first embedded program, designing the latest generation of hand-held whatchamacallits, or managing the people who do, Programming Embedded Systems, Second Edition, will help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to achieve proficiency with embedded soft¬ware.

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Book :
Programming Embedded Systems with C and GNU Development Tools: Thinking Inside the Box (Second Edition)
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Author :
Anthony Massa,Michael Barr
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Publisher :
Shroff Publishers/O'Reilly
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17 x 23 cm
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1 kg

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