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Ancient Art, Architecture and Environment

by H.K. Pathak

Publisher: Cyber Tech Publications

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A unified Style emerges in the Achaemenid period (c.550-330 BC). Influenced by the Greeks, the Egyptians and those from other provinces of the Persian Empire, the Achaemenids evolved a monumental style in which relief sculpture is used as an adjunct to massive architectural complexes. Foundations of the Palace of Cyrus at Pasargadae, of Artaxerxes I at Susa, and above all extensive remains of the magnificent palace complex of Darious I and Xerxes I at Persepolis reveal plans that characteristically show great clumned audience halls. In front of the halls were colonnaded porticoes, flanked by square towers and set on high terraces. The palaces were approached by Double flights of steps converging at the top. Although there are marked analogies to Egyptian, Greek, and Assyrian architecture, the style as a whole and the feeling for space and Scale are distinctive. The Persepolitan columns are slenderer and more closely fluted than those of Greece. Bases arc high, often bell-shaped; capitals are composed of the foreparts of two bulls set back to back or of other Animals above volutes with rosette ornament.

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Ancient Art, Architecture and Environment
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H.K. Pathak
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Cyber Tech Publications
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1 kg

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