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Jinn Who are They? (All Great Truths Begin as Blasphemies)

by Shahid A. Chaudhary

Publisher: Regency Publications/Daya Publishing House

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About the book

When 'Jinn : Who Are They?' was first posted on a website it so much impressed a group for the young in London, called The Next Step' that it immediately sought permission from the author to perform it live on Stage at different venues in England. Under the influence of the Thousand and One Arabian Nights' the Muslims have themselves created an impression that a Jinn is some creature that crawls out of a bottle on some beach patronized by Sindbad. "By perpetuating these Orientalist fantasies," according to TB Irving, "We merely make the Quran ludicrous to Western readers, so that it remains in the realm of folklore, which surely is not the intent of its teachings." So the real teachings of the Quran can only be brought to light by removing the veil of Folklore from it. The author with his unique Style of exponentially expounding the concept of Jinn along with its peripherals enshrined in the Quran has successfully achieved this objective. As such, this Play will be a valuable addition to the shelf of not only Muslims but also of people who are against strengthening superstitious conceptions and thereby aim to overthrow all unfounded assumptions.

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Book :
Jinn Who are They? (All Great Truths Begin as Blasphemies)
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Author :
Shahid A. Chaudhary
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Publisher :
Regency Publications/Daya Publishing House
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1 kg

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