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We Lived Together

by P.K.V. Kaimal,S. Settar

Publisher: Pragati Publication

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About the book

Throughout its history India has witnessed innumerable small and big instances of social tensions, political rivalries, economic instability and such other problems arising out of its religious and cultural diversities. But inspite of all these the people of India have lived together in harmony. The articles included in this volume directly or indirectly bear this out. However, the vast and varied experience of India obviously cannot be presented in its entirety in a modest volume like this and so we had to be selective. While some of the papers are confined to specific subjects covering a particular region and period others deal with broader area and period of time. The book covers a wide range of subjects such as the contribution of mystics to amity, globalization and cultural impact, Syrian Catholics and India, contribution of Sikh saints, Neo Vaishnavites, communal relations, assimilation of cultures,. social relations, cultural transformation, co-existence and so on. What is remarkable about the authors is that they have been able to avoid being either doctrinaire or sentimental even when the subject offered all the temptation to be so. Encompasses experiences of ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary periods of Indian history. Contents:- Foreword 1. Ladders and Snakes : Cyclical Shifts in Culture Process 2. Social Life of the Early Tamils : Random Reflection on the Components 3. Kanchi through the Ages 4. Balliligave : A Medieval Urban Mosaic of Multi-Religious Communities 5. Pan-Indian Outlook of the Neo-Vaishnavites of Assam 6. How the Chinese saw the Different Communities in India? 7. Social Relations in Medieval Maharashtra : Experiments in Living together 8. Contribution of Sant Prannath to the Composite Culture of India 9. Cultural Transformation, Transmission and Coexistence 10. Contribution of Mystics to Amity and Harmony in Indian Society 11. Syrian Catholics in India 12. Communal Relations in Pre-Modern India : Some Observations 13. Agrarian Systems in the Southern Maratha Country : Maratha and Early British Period 14. Assimilation of Cultures : The Kerala Experience 15. We Calcuttans have Always Lived together 16. We Lived Together - Deccani Culture and the Qutb Shahs of Golkonda 17. Diversity, Heterogeneity and Integration : An Ideological Perspective 18. Economic Life of the People of the Central Himalayan Region of India (1815-1947) 19. The Empire's Proletarian Army : Indian Indentured Labour Migrants 20. The Crisis of Indian Polity : A Historical Perspective 21. Surviving through Culture Encounters : India and Globalization

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We Lived Together
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P.K.V. Kaimal,S. Settar
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Pragati Publication
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