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World Encyclopaedia of Environmental Sustainability, 12 Vols

by Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi (Ed.)

Publisher: Jnanada Prakashan

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About the book

The term “Sustainable Development” was brought into common use by the World Commission on Environment & Development (the Brundtland Commission) in its 1987 report \"Our Common Future\". The idea of sustaining the earth has proved a powerful metaphor in raising public awareness and focusing on the need for better environmental stewardship. The Brundtland Commission’s definition of the term “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generation”—is strongly endorsed by this Report. We also believe, with the Brundtland Commission, that meeting the needs of the poor in this generation is an essential aspect of sustainably meeting the needs of subsequent generations. There is no difference between the goals of development policy and appropriate environmental protection. Both must be designed to improve welfare. Making the concept of sustainability precise, however, has proved difficult. It is not plausible to argue that all natural resources should be preserved. Successful development will inevitably involve some amount of land clearing, oil drilling, river damming, and swamp draining. Some have argued that natural capital should be preserved in some aggregate sense, with losses in one area replenished elsewhere. This approach has helpfully focused attention on the need to estimate the value of environmental resources and on the importance of protecting certain essential ecological systems. It is in this context that World Encyclopaedia of Environmental Sustainability has been brought out by The Global Open University, Nagaland with a view to catering to the growing needs of the efforts towards a sustainable society and a sustainable world. Different Volumes of World Encyclopaedia deals with global sustainable development, biodiversity conservation and management, global energy policies and resources, green movements, green and eco philosophy, environmental policies and perspectives, environmental disasters, island development, fragile ecosystems, wildlife protection, wilderness planning and management, marine pollution control etc. The World Encyclopaedia of Environmental Sustainability is being presented to meet the demands of the readers trying to research on environment, development and sustainability issues. This Encyclopaedia will be of great help for the students of M.Sc./M.Phil/Ph.D in Sustainable Development besides the Policy Makers of Public and Private Sector Units. CONTENTS: Vol. 1: GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Vol. 2: BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT Vol. 3: GLOBAL ENERGY POLICIES AND RESOURCES Vol. 4: GREEN MOVEMENTS Vol. 5: GREEN AND ECO-PHILOSOPHY Vol. 6: ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES AND PERSPECTIVES Vol. 7: ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTERS Vol. 8: ISLAND DEVELOPMENT AND BIODIVERSITY Vol. 9: FRAGILE ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENT Vol. 10: FOREST AND WILDLIFE PROTECTION Vol. 11: WILDERNESS PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT Vol. 12: MARINE POLLUTION CONTROL

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World Encyclopaedia of Environmental Sustainability, 12 Vols
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Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi (Ed.)
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Jnanada Prakashan
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1 kg

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