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Public Library Systems and Services

by Priya Ranjan Trivedi,Dr Uttam Kumar Singh

Publisher: Jnanada Prakashan

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If human society is to endure not for just another century but for thousands and thousands of years, we need to learn a way of life that could be sustained by the Mother Earth. Human society must learn to control population size and develop more efficient technologies that produce as little harmful waste as possible. We must learn to rely on resources that are renewable. A society based on these ideas is called a sustainable society. We must provide the facilities for enabling the human beings to acquire expert knowledge by going to public libraries. We are aware of the ancient universities like Nalanda and Takshshila where extra ordinary facilities were available several thousand years ago and when scholars from all over the world were invited to public libraries. We should long for having a sustainable world so profoundly different from the way we live which cannot be imagined without a strenuous exercise of mind. Like human body the Mother Earth has its organs that adjust to changes - in climate, nutrient levels and other aspects of the environment to maintain its stability. Just as the human organism is made of trillions of cells and so is the world organism; each of us is a cell of Gaia (Greek word for Mother Earth). Changing our ways will be a colossal task which may involve arduous work but as an optimist we should view the third millennium with a cleaner and greener mind and pledge to work on new pollution control technologies as the answer to our polluted waters and skies by better treating our Mother Earth by not to rival nature but to cooperate with it and live in harmony. This Book titled \"Public Library Systems and Services\" discusses the growth of public libraries in India as well as in other countries of the world. This Book will be of immense use to all those interested in knowing the past, present and future of public libraries.

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Public Library Systems and Services
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Priya Ranjan Trivedi,Dr Uttam Kumar Singh
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Jnanada Prakashan
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1 kg

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