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Encyclopaedia of Pollution Control, 5 Vols

by Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi (Ed.)

Publisher: Jnanada Prakashan

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We must guide the human race living in a historic transitional period of burgeoning awareness of the conflict between human activities and environmental constraints, preparing to venture into a new century and a new millennium and to finally help save the fragile and endangered planet with the natural resources already overtaxed and for developing a critical path to governance through modern ideas for reducing the toll exacted in supporting daily life and the ever growing problems on the earth exerting profound pressures on the environment. As the human race prepares to venture into a new century, conversations and news reports are peppered with references to our fragile and endangered planet. The earth is five billion years old, and over the eons it has endured bombardment by meteors, abrupt shifts in its magnetic fields, dramatic realignment of its land masses, and the advance and retreat of massive ice mountains that reshaped its surface. Life, too, has proved resilient: In the more than three and a half billion years first forms of life emerged, biological species have come and gone, but life has persisted without interruption. In fact, no matter what we humans do, it is unlikely that we could suppress the powerful and chemical forces that drive the earth system. Although we cannot completely disrupt the earth system, we do affect it significantly as we use energy and emit pollutants in our quest to provide food, shelter, and a host of other products for the world\'s growing population. We release chemicals that gnaw holes in the ozone shield that protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation, and we burn fuels that emit heat - trapping gases that build up in the atmosphere. This Encyclopaedia of Pollution Control will be quite useful for the libraries of public and private sector organisations, universities, schools and colleges for enabling the users of this Encyclopaedia for acquiring expert knowledge of different pollution control techniques as well as technologies for depolluting mother earth.

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Book :
Encyclopaedia of Pollution Control, 5 Vols
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Author :
Dr Priya Ranjan Trivedi (Ed.)
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Publisher :
Jnanada Prakashan
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1 kg

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