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The Laws of Manu: Translated with Extracts from Seven Commentaries (The Sacred Books of the East, Volume 25)

by F. Max Muller,G. Buhler

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

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About the book

Manu is considered to be the founder of social and moral order, inventor of sacrificial rites, and the author of legal maxims. In the present work, The Laws of Manu, as found in the famous Manusmrti, have been fully translated. These laws state good and bad qualities of human actions, according to Aryan norms, and lay down immemorial rules of conduct to be followed by the four castes. It includes the precepts for the duties of kings and the administration of justice, which form the basis of Hindu law. CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION; I. The origin of the Manu-smriti according to the Hindus 1. The Manu-smriti based on a Dharma-sutra of the Manavas II. The Manava Dh. S. converted into a metrical Smriti by a special school of lawyers 1. The Manava Dh. S. chosen for conversion on account of the myths current regarding Manu 2. Old and new parts of the word 3. The sources of the additions made by the editor of the metrical version 4. The position of Bhrigu's Samhita among the various metrical recensions 5. The probable date of Bhrigu's Samhiti III. The commentaries of Manu and principles of translation THE LAWS OF MANU 1. The Creation 2. Summary of Contents 3. Sources of the Law 4. Sacraments 5. Initiation 6. Studentship 7. Householder 8. Marriage 9. Daily Rites 10. Sradhas 11. Mode of Subsistence 12. Rules for a Snataka 13. Veda-Study 14. Rules for a Snataka 15. Lawful and Forbidden Food 16. Impurity 17. Purification 18. Duties of Women 19. Hermits in the Forest 20. Ascetics 21. The King 22. Civil and Criminal Law :- i. Titles of ii. Judicial Procedure iii. Recovery of Debts iv. Witnesses v. Weights of Gold, &c. vi. Recovery of Debts vii. Deposits viii. Sale without Ownership ix. Concerns among Partners x. Subtraction of Gifts xi. Non-payment of Wages xii. Non-performance of Agreement xiii. Rescission of Sale and Purchase xiv. Masters and Herdsmen xv. Disputes concerning Boundaries xvi. Defamation xvii. Assault and Hurt xv. Theft xvi. Violence (Sahasa) xvii. Adultery xviii. Miscellaneous Rules xix. Duties of Husband and Wife xx. Inheritance and Partition xxi. Gambling and Betting xxii. Miscellaneous Rules 23. Times of Distress : - a. Mixed Castes b. Occupations and Livelihood i. Gifts ii. Necessity of Penances iii. Classification of Crimes iv. Penances v. Transmigration vi. Supreme Bliss vii. Doubtful Points of Law Conclusion Transliteration of Oriental Alphabets adopted for the Translations of the Sacred Books of the East

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Book :
The Laws of Manu: Translated with Extracts from Seven Commentaries (The Sacred Books of the East, Volume 25)
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Author :
F. Max Muller,G. Buhler
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Publisher :
Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
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15 x 23 cm
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1.052 kg

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