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52 Simple Ways to Prevent, Control and Turn off Cancer

by Manmohan Sharma

Publisher: S. Chand & Company Ltd

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The name kills. It spares no one. The message from Apple's Steve Jobs death is very clear -money and modern medicine has no answers. Twice in my life I had a very close encounter with world's most deadly disease. I lost my father and grandfather because of Cancer. From the diagnosis to death it is a misery for the patient and the family. Modern understanding and methods of cancer control are woefully inadequate. Large drug companies & the medical fraternity have very little faith and interest in the healing power of nutritious foods, spices and body. Obviously, you cannot make much money by selling apples and oranges. They are dead wrong! There is hope, a "BIG HOPE". We can practically STOP over 80% of all cancers. The scientific evidence linking diet and lifestyle to cancer is so compelling that even American Cancer Institute estimates that more than 33% of cancer related deaths are due to these two factors. Right nutrition can have significant impact on preventing, controlling & turning off various cancers. I have been doing research on Nutritional Healing of Cancers for the last two decades. The book is accumulation of world's latest and most creditable research in the field of Nutrition by the best Doctors, Research Scientists and Health Consultants. I salute them for their exceptional hard work and that too without much funding and media support. Contents: 1- Know Thy Enemy 2- Humbling with Herbs 3- Vital Vegetables 4-Fruits 5-Grains & Beans 6-Time to Chnage Oil 7-Master Strokes

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52 Simple Ways to Prevent, Control and Turn off Cancer
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Manmohan Sharma
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S. Chand & Company Ltd
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1 kg

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