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Sentence Skills with Readings (Fourth Edition)

by John Langan

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

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About the book

Sentence Skills with Readings will help students learn to write effectively. It is an all-in-one text that includes basic rhetoric and gives full attention to grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage. In its opening pages, the book helps students recognize and deal with their attitude toward writing?an important part of learning to write well. In the pages that follow, students are encouraged to see writing as a multistage process that moves from prewriting to proofreading. Later, a series of activities helps students understand the nature of specific details and how to generate and use those details. TABLE OF CONTENTS: PART ONE: BASIC PRINCIPLES OF EFFECTIVE WRITING Getting Started Important Factors in Writing The First and Second Steps in Writing Step 1: Make a Point Step 2: Support the Point with Specific Evidence, Practice in Making and Supporting a Point. The Third and Fourth Steps in Writing Step 3: Organize and Connect the Specific Evidence, Step 4: Write Clear, Error-Free Sentences Four Bases for Evaluating Writing Base 1: Unity Base 2: Support Base 3: Coherence Base 4: Sentence Skills PART TWO: PARAGRAPH DEVELOPMENT Nine Patterns of Paragraph Development Writer, Purpose, and Audience Tools for Paragraph Development Providing Examples Explaining a Process Examining Cause and Effect Comparing or Contrasting Defining a Term Dividing and Classifying Describing a Scene or Person Narrating an Event Arguing a Position PART THREE: ESSAY DEVELOPMENT Writing the Essay What Is an Essay? Important Points about the Essay Essays to Consider Planning the Essay Essay Writing Assignments PART FOUR: SENTENCE SKILLS. Grammar Subjects and Verbs Sentence Sense Sentence Fragments Run-Ons Standard English Verbs Irregular Verbs Subject-Verb Agreement Consistent Verb Tense Pronoun Agreement, Reference, and Point of View Pronoun Types Adjectives and Adverbs Misplaced Modifiers Dangling Modifiers Faulty Parallelism Mechanics Paper Format Capital Letters Numbers and Abbreviations Punctuation Apostrophe Quotation Marks Comma Other Punctuation Marks Word Use Using the Dictionary Improving Spelling Vocabulary Development Commonly Confused Words Effective Word Choice Sentence Variety Practice Combined Mastery Tests Editing Tests Sentence-Skills Achievement Test PART FIVE: SIXTEEN READING SELECTIONS Introduction to the Readings Goals and Values *Rowing the Bus, by Paul Logan Adolescent Confusion by Maya Angelou The Tryout by Bob Greene What Good Families Are Doing Right by Delores Curran Education and Self-Improvement *Do It Better! by Ben Carons, M.D. with Cecil Murphey *Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name by James Lincoln Collier Old Before Her Time by Katherine Barrett *Let's Really Reform Our Schools by Anita Garland *Power Learning by Sheila Akers Finding a Career and a Job: A No-Nonsense Guide by Ann McClintock How To Think Clearly by Earl Ubell Human Groups and Society Television Changed My Family Forever by Linda Ellerbee *The Chase by Annie Dillard *Rudeness at the Movies by Bill People Need People by S. Leonard Syme A Drunken Ride, a Tragic Aftermath by Theresa Conroy and Christine M. Johnson. Acknowledgements. (*Indicates New Reading) Appendix Answers and Charts Answers to Sentence Skills and Introductory Projects. Charts

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Sentence Skills with Readings (Fourth Edition)
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John Langan
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McGraw Hill Education
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