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Beshir Agha: Chief Eunuch of the Ottuman Imperial Harem (Makers of the Muslim World)

by Jane Hathaway

Publisher: Oneworld/Viva Books Private Limited

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About the book

Description: Beshir Agha (c. 1657–1764) was the most powerful Chief Harem Eunuch in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Enslaved in his native Ethiopia as boy, then castrated in Ehypt, Beshir Agha became one of hundreds of East African eunuchs who inhabited the imperial place’s enormous harem. Rising through the ranks of the harem hierarchy, he eventually oversaw the education of crown princes and harem women while choosing and deposing a long series of grand viziers. The founder of many mosques, Qur’an schools, Sufi lodges and libraries, he was fundamental in shaping the religious and intellectual profile of the Ottoman state. This captivating study explores the role of Chief Eunuch, examining Beshir Agha’s astonishing ascent to the position and the vast authority he wielded once in office. Containing an exhaustive guide to sources available on the influential eunuch and replete with fascinating detail, it will prove an indispensable resource for readers of all backgrounds. Contents: Preliminaries: Elite Slavery And Household Membership • Elite slavery in Islamic societies • Household politics and patron–client ties • Eunuchs In Historical Perspective • Eunuchs in antiquity • Eunuchs in medieval Islamic empires • Eunuchs under the Mamluk sultanate • Eunuchs under the Ottomans • Beshir Agha"s Origins • Ottoman Abyssinia • Enslavement and castration • Post-castration conditions • Sale in Cairo • The political culture of Ottoman Egypt • Ismail Bey • Early Years In The Palace • Sultan"s companion • The sultan"s mother • The "Edirne Incident" (1703) • Harem treasurer • Exile In Cyprus And Egypt • Cyprus • Egypt • Other libraries • Foundations • Conclusion • Chief Of The Tomb Eunuchs In Medina • Shi"ism • Medina • The mosque of the Prophet • The tomb of the Prophet • The tomb eunuchs • Relations with Medina"s and Egypt"s notables • Chief Eunuch of the Topkapi Palace Harem • Return to Istanbul • Return to the harem • Vizier maker • Nevshehirli Ibrahim Pasha • The Tulip Era • The Book if Festivals • Beshir Agha During The Reign Mahmud I • The Patrona Halil rebellion, 1730 • Mahmud I (r.1730–54) • Beshir Agah And The Arab Provinces • The pilgrimage caravan and the governorship of Damascus • Beshir Agaha and Egypt’s grandees • Beshir Agha’s Librariers And Pious Foundations • Libraries • Holdings of Beshir Agha’s library outside the place • Other libraries • Foundations • Conclusion • Beshir Agha"s Death And Burial • Funeral and burial • Beshir Agha"s tomb • Beshir Agha"s Legacy Through Thelens Of Ottoman "Decline" • Morah Beshir Agha • Chief harem eunuchs and grand viziers in the post-Beshir era • Beshir Agha and the question of Ottoman "Decline" • Conclusion • Sources On Beshir Agha • Primary sources • Secondary sources • Index.

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Beshir Agha: Chief Eunuch of the Ottuman Imperial Harem (Makers of the Muslim World)
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Jane Hathaway
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Oneworld/Viva Books Private Limited
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