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Abd al-Rahman III: The First cordoban Caliph (Makers of the Muslim World)

by Maribel Fierro

Publisher: Oneworld/Viva Books Private Limited

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About the book

Description: ‘Abd Al-rahman III (891-961) was the greatest of the Umavyad rulers of al-Andalus (Islamic Spain and Portugal) and the first of them to take the title of Caliph. A strong leader and an astute politician, he conducted campaigns against Muslim rebels within his own realm, fought the Christian kings in the North of the Iberian Peninsula, confronted the Fatimids in North Africa and founded the palatine town of Madinat al-Zahra. By the time of his death in 961, ‘Abd al-Rahman III had pacified the whole of al-Andalus and made Cordoba a capital city to rival the greatest of the age. This book is the first biography of this fascinating and hugely influential figure to be published in English. Accessible yet authoritative, it also features a comprehensive guide to further reading, and will prove an indispensable resource for readers of all backgrounds. Contents: The Fourteen Days of Happiness of ‘Abd al-Rahman III (r.912-61) • al-Andalus before the second Umayyad Caliphate • What was al-Andalus? • Arabs and Berbers, the Muslim tribesmen who conquered al-Andalus • The conquered population and process of conversion • The Umayyad emirs: centralization, law, and clientage • External enemies • The Collapse of Umayyad Power and its recovery by ‘Abd al-Rahman III (912-28) • Muslims against Muslims: the Umayyad confrontation with Arabs, Berbers, and Muwallads • Umayyads against Umayyads: the reign of emir ‘Abd Allah (r. 888-912) • A new beginning: ‘Abd al-Rahman III becomes emir (912) • Securing the central lands and the defeat of the Hafsunids (912-28) • The frontier regions • Caliphate and Consolidation (929-61) • The adoption of the caliphal title and the minting of gold • Extending Umayyad power in the frontier regions: the fall of Toledo and Zaragoza • Betrayal: the battle of Simancas-Alhandega (939) • Relationships with the Christian polities • Conflict with the Fatimids and North African policies • The Caliph’s Family and his Men • The Caliph’s family • Men of the sword and men of the pen • Slaves and eunuchs •Hierarchies and egalitarianism among the Muslim population • Christians and Jews • Building the Caliphate: Stick, Stones, and Words • The carrot and the stick • Cordoba and madinat al-Zahra’ • The writing of history • Scholars and men of letters • Religious policies and the Maliki identity • ‘Abd al-Rahman III’s Legacy

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Abd al-Rahman III: The First cordoban Caliph (Makers of the Muslim World)
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Maribel Fierro
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Oneworld/Viva Books Private Limited
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