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Handbook on Field Veterinary Surgery

by M.M.S. Zama, H.P. Aithal & A.M. Pawde (Eds)

Publisher: Daya Publishing House/Astral International (P) Ltd.

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About the book

Handbook on Field Veterinary Surgery is a compilation of scholarly and practical knowledge in the field of veterinary surgery to cater the needs of practicing veterinary surgeons and fresh graduates who intend to practice surgery. The book has 23 selected chapters covering a wide range of techniques describing common surgical conditions routinely encountered in the field practice. The chapters contributed by experienced surgeons and academicians in different areas include their practical experience and tips for the field vets and for the beginners. The prospects, and basic considerations and requirements of field level surgery are described in the beginning. The importance of asepsis and the methods of sterilization are practically described. Different types of sutures and suturing techniques are narrated with the help of diagrams. Management of common surgical conditions like wounds, tumours, urinary calculi, castration, caesarean section and ovariohyserectomy are detailed. Some of the emergency procedures like tracheostomy, oesophagotomy, rumenotomy, intestinal anastomosis, repair of hernias, perineal and rectal lacerations, atresia ani and recto-vaginal fistula etc. have been described in detail with the use quality photographs. Medial patellar desmotomy, a simple but important technique for the field veterinarians, is described in detail. In the chapter on fractures, the importance of first aid and simple techniques of external skeletal fixation have been detailed keeping in view the limited facilities at the field level. Principles of tendon surgery occupy another chapter in the book. Common affections of foot, teat, eye, and aural haematoma are also described for the benefit of field vets. Overall, this handbook is a very useful publication for all practicing veterinary surgeons and fresh veterinary graduates. Contents: Contents Foreword v Preface vii List of Contributors xiii 1. Prospects and Recent Advances in Field Level Surgery 2. Basic Considerations for Field Level Surgery 5 3. Asepsis and Sterilization 12 4. Sutures and Suturing Techniques 20 5. Management of Wounds 33 6. Mangement of Tumours 39 7. Affections of Horns 47 9. Management of Basic Eye Affections in Animals 56 10. Tracheostomy and Oesophagotomy in Cattle 72 11. Foreign Body Syndrome in Bovines 79 12. Medial Patellar Desmotomy 84 13. Surgical Management of Intestinal Obstruction 89 14. Ventral Herniorrhaphy 95 15. Atresia Ani and Rectovaginal Fistula 99 16. Perineal Laceration and Rectal Affections 106 17. Management of Urolithiasis in Ruminants 114 18. Castration of Male Animals 123 19. Ovariohysterectomy in Canines and Felines 133 20. Caesarean Section 139 21. Management of Fractures 145 22. Tendon Surgery 155 23. Teat Surgery 164 Index 171

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Handbook on Field Veterinary Surgery
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M.M.S. Zama, H.P. Aithal & A.M. Pawde (Eds)
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Daya Publishing House/Astral International (P) Ltd.
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