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The Mahabharata

by Shanta Rameshwar Rao

Publisher: Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd

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About the book

The great Indian epic brought to life in a masterly retelling by a consummate storyteller. Table of Contents The Family Tree The Noble Prince The Unhappy Princess The Birth of Karna The Pandava Princes The Great Archer A Wicked Plot Ekalavya Karna Faces Arjuna Duryodhana Plots Again A Silent City Draupadl's Swayamvara Imperial Indraprastha The Gambling Match The Pandavas in Exile The Year in Hiding The Besieged City The Exile is Over Envoys and Missions Preparations for War Kurukshetra and After

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Book :
The Mahabharata
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Author :
Shanta Rameshwar Rao
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Publisher :
Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd
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1 kg

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